Hey, I'm DubbingDubs or Spuffy. I requested to adopt this wiki a few months back and got the response to ask active users. 

My post: 

JoePlay said I could sign up for adoption since the Bureaucrat has been inactive since 2017. The wiki has many pages marked as fake and needs to be cleaned up, I have adopted the Little Einsteins Wiki due to the same reason. I am making my way to edit every day of this week.

The reply: 

Hey there :) To be sure, Joe was giving you great advice about the way that adoptions usually happen.
But on closer inspection, there are a few points of concern about this particular case.
A biggie is that there are literally dozens of other editors who have edited just since the start of May. So this wiki can't be considered "inactive". As explained in our adoptions guidelines, it's pretty important to get general community consent for your proposal.
Another thing: the conversation you had with SuperCartoonBrony2000 is a couple of months old, and it doesn't mention the words bureaucrat or adoption. It's entirely possible that SuperCartoonBrony2000 might have changed their mind in the intervening time. Or they might be taking you literally, thinking that you were asking to be an admin, like they are. They may not realise that you're actually going to get powers a little bit greater than what they have. So it's important to spell that out to them. Really, it would be best if you could just offer that they also became a bureaucrat. Wikis are much healthier when they have multiple bureaucrats.
Finally, I think you missed the fact that another admin has edited in the month of May, and so they should be specifically consulted, as well as SCB2K.
I'm sure that after you have a little bit more discussion on the wiki, your adoption request will sail through. And you'll be better equipped to manage the wiki well, since you'll have met more of its contributors! So, after you have these new conversations, feel free to start a new adoption request, under the name Lost Media Archive (3). Thanks!
Please tell me your opinions so we can make this a better place.
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