Article 13 is coming soon, & we'll be dead. If this happens, then this means no more YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, nor ant OTHER things on the internet. If it passes, then the internet is destroyed for good, & there'll be no online games, no digital media, & of course no internet. This world would no longer have any internet, nor any online stuff meaning we'll no longer live in a world of goodness, & we'll be back to becoming more, & more controversial throught the years, & soon the END of the world. We're all depending on the internet by now as we could start using it for voice control on many devices like cars, fridges, showers, etc. Article 13 would lead to none of that happening. Not even flying cars would be able to exist with Article 13. If we want these wikias to stay, then we must put an end to Article 13 altogether. Get all of the USA's allies(except the ones that will stay in Europe unlike the UK) to put an end to such a catastorphe of life. #Saveyourinternet #Article1isadisgracetothehumanrace #deleteArticle13


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