Lost Media Archive

Hey all, I've just decided to introduce Sandboxes to this wiki, you can find them by going to your user page then clicking 'Sandbox'.

What are these and what do they do, you might ask? Well, Sandboxes are basically your own personal page that you can do, well, whatever you want with. The main thing I want them used for is to create pages, as you can create drafts of pages and work on them overtime in your sandbox until it's good and detailed enough that you can copy it to a new page. This will be a good way to create more well-written pages instead of ones with one sentence that has no real information. You may also use them to make joke pages that otherwise wouldn't be considered acceptable in the main wiki, however, please do not move these to real pages.

The only rule I will be enforcing for these sandboxes is to not edit someone else's sandbox without their permission.

That's all for now, just ask me if you have any questions about this new feature.