Lost Media Archive

This is a list of lost (and found)/obscure vintage 3D animations and videos that were produced between the 1970s and 1990s.

High Fidelity (1984)
Early CGI Facial Animation (1974)
Early 3D Animation Montage
first ever 3d animation (40 year old 3d computer graphics pixar 1972)
Japan Computer Graphics Lab (1984)
Clip from 'Tony de Peltrie' (1985)
Old 3D Computer Graphics Showreel from 1992
Bored Room (1990) 3D Studio promotional video
Corner Stone (1990) 3D Studio promotional video
MAGI Synthavision Demo Reel (1980)
Early 1980s Special Effects and Computer Graphics
Tipsy Turvy (1989)
Snoot and Muttly (1984)
Intelligent Light (1985)
Pacific Data Images 1983 Demo Reel
Silicon Graphics Promo (1987)
Japan Computer Graphics Lab (1985)
Balloon Guy (1987) - Chris Wedge
Quest (1985)
Megacycles (1989)
The Little Death (1989)
Eurythmy (1989)
Deja Vu (1987)
Tuber's Two Step (1985) - Chris Wedge
Art of Computer Animation (1988)
Adam Powers, The Juggler (1981) - First motion capture CGI animation
Carla's Island (1981)
Fair Play
Stanley & Stella in Breaking the Ice (1987)
Joblove/Kay (1984)
Gumby 3D Computer Animation
1994 Impulse Imagine 3D Animation Siggraph Demo
The Adventures of André and Wally B. 1984
Adventures of Andre and Wally B - CGI making of (1984) (HD)
Beach Chair (1986) - First CGI water interaction (HD)
Flags and Waves (Pixar 1986 Animation Test)
Flags and Waves (1986) - First CGI cloth simulation (HD)
03 Pixar Red's Dream 1987
Pixar Short Film - Tin Toy (1988)
Knick Knack (Original Version)
Tin Toy (1988) | John Lasseter
Knick Knack - Original Version (1989)
Knick Knack: Snowman Wants Somebody to Love
TRTF3: Secret "Help Me" Minigame | Lockjaw vs. Purple Man