so while i was archiving the cringy videos i used to watch on youtube from like 5-6 years ago for nostalgic/memetic purposes, i’ve noticed that this roblox sad story, which i used to watch a lot & seek to mock and edit when found, no longer exists as an actual sad story, but rather a meme.

i thought i could find the original eventually but no reuploads of the original ever exists as of now. i’ve reverse-image searched using numerous websites to no avail, and i’ve searched but it yields no results (although i’ve unintentionally found another lost roblox video). This was pretty perplexing as i remember this was like the biggest and most popular roblox sad story and yet it gets wiped of off the face of the internet with no traces, yet other cringier and smaller “sad stories” were reuploaded.

as of posting this, i’ve only found a screenshot of the original, some memes mocking the original, & the original meme version of this sad story, which is not really a groundbreaker; it’s more of a dead end since no links to original can be found though comments backing up its existence were salvaged.

more detail here:

does anyone else currently possess the original file/links to it (very unlikely) (not the meme version, the original version) or know any more details (e.g creator, etc) since my faint memory can’t recall all the details of this cancerous, cringy piece of shit at all?

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