Ultraman Tiga (1996-1997) - North American Intro

Ultraman Tiga (1996-1997) - North American Intro

Ultraman Tiga English Dub Intro "Larger Than Life"


Wallpaper from a promotional CD given out at Toys 'R' Us to promote the Fox Box

Ultraman Tiga recieved an English dub on the Fox Box from 4Kids Entertainment from September 14, 2002 to March 8, 2003. The episodes were not ripped and the English dub never aired in favor of 4Kids giving the series an uncut release. Since then, the YouTube user GORIZARD TV has remastered some of the episodes using the Japanese Blu-Ray, but unfortunately most of the English dub remains lost to the sands of time.

Episode Status

# ENG # JPN ENG Title JPN Title ENG Airdate JPN Airdate Status
1 1 The Prophecy The One Who Inherits the Light 9/14/2002 9/7/1996 Found
2 2 Monster in the Mine Stone of Legends 9/14/2002 9/14/1996


3 3 The False Prophet The Devil's Prophecy 9/21/2002 9/21/1996 Lost (the tail end is available on
4 4 Spark of Evil Sa-yo-na-ra Earth 9/21/2002 9/28/1996 Found
5 5 Munakata's Monster The Day the Monster Came Out 9/28/2002 10/5/1996 Found
6 6 The Dark Cloud Second Contact 9/28/2002 10/12/1996 Found
7 7 Alien Invasion The Man Who Came Down to Earth 10/5/2002 10/19/1996 Lost
8 9 Stranded The Girl Who Waits for a Monster 10/5/2002 11/2/1996 Lost (but a few clips are available on the YouTube page of Shayne Dukevitch, voice of "Marnie" Shinjoh)
9 11 Friend or Foe? Lost
10 12 Mutant from the Sea Lost
11 8 All Hallows Eve Lost
12 13 Attack of the Crow-Men Found
13 14 Nowhere to Hide Lost
14 15 Revenge of Gazoto Found

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