A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie (Unauthorized Mockumentary)
The DVD Cover for A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants
Status Cancelled/Lost Promo Copy

A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie is a rare direct-to-video movie released on Amazon on November 22, 2011. However, the day after it was released, it went out of stock and has not been in stock on most websites since. On the website for Reagal Films, the distributors for the movie, the description is this:

"In this mockumentary, SpongeBob lives above ground like all Hollywood superstars. Afraid that SpongeBob is becoming old news, his boss runs a contest called 'Spend A Day with SpongeBob'. The contest makes SpongeBob the talk of the town, as thousands of kids enter to win. The lucky winner is Seth, and he is ecstatic about his day with SpongeBob. However, the day becomes a roller coaster ride as things don’t go quite the way they planned."[1]

The movie hasn't reappeared on any website, other than some occasions on eBay, and no screenshots or trailers have resurfaced online, other than the cover, making the movie remain a complete mystery. No other information has been found on the plot, except the quote above. It has also been found that the kid on the cover is just a stock image found on Google Images. The reviews seen on the top of the cover are fake too, as the people that wrote them have no association with the magazines that they wrote for, and even then the magazines are found to be fake as well. This leads people to believe that the film is fake, but the barcode for the film can be seen here:

The company that made the movie, Inovisim Films, is believed to be fake, because it doesn't have a website, and upon Googling it, only info for the movie comes up.

Some people speculate that the film isn't on Amazon because of Viacom's strict copyright policy, but supposedly, Nickelodeon actually gave out the rights to SpongeBob SquarePants's image so it could be used in the film.[2] So now, it is unknown why the film hasn't gone back on stock on Amazon.

People found a link to the quotes page for the movie on Rotten Tomatoes, and, oddly enough, when you click the link to visit the original RT page for the movie, it says "404: Page Not Found".[3] When someone uses the Wayback Machine to try and search to see if the movie had its own page in the first place, it won't let you because of the sites robots.txt. So this means you can't search for the film on Rotten Tomatoes to see if there is possibly more information there.

Not only has the film not reappeared on Amazon, it hasn't reappeared on big websites like or, making the movie seem almost impossible to find, except for eBay.

span>More information or even the full movie have yet to appear online.</span>

ROTTEN TOMATOES EDIT 7/31/15: I found it, even though it happened like an hour after the above paragraph took place, but I found the Rotten Tomatoes page for this film. It took some serious digging around though, because it wouldn't come up when I searched the whole website for the movie. I guess I found the right keywords on Google, because I have never seen this page before during my regular daily searches.[4] Obviously, there are no screenshots, no poster, no trailer, no reviews from critics and audiences, so it looks plain and empty. I just think it's weird that it wouldn't come up with a search of the website, and that I had to dig around in Google to find it. Strange. Well, enjoy the empty wasteland that is the Rotten Tomatoes page for "A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants".

AMAZON EDIT 7/30/15: Three days ago, a new review was posted on the Amazon page for the movie. It was most likely a troll though, still interesting. It reads: "This movie was black and white why?". The supposed viewer gave the film 2/5 stars.[5] Upon viewing this user's Amazon account, called "yahir", the only review he wrote was for this movie.

AMAZON EDIT 7/31/15: The other review for the movie, written by "mike zendar" reads "Four Stars: I thought that it was great". He is also most likely a troll as well, because he reviewed one other thing, a book called "How to Start a Fire", a book about a completely different thing than starting a fire. He wrote "misleading title: Had nothing to do with building a fire". Probably better to disregard this review, as well as the other one by "yahir".

EDIT 8/9/15: In the review from "mike zendar", he left an email address. Upon emailing him and asking if he had videos or screenshots, he said "no ill have to go look in storage" or something to that effect. Many more people have emailed him, and now we have new information about the film!

It was animated like a bad flash cartoon, similar to the old "SpongeBong HempPants" shorts from the early 2000's.

He said that he has to wait for his friend to arrive and help him before we can get any video or screenshots.

He also said that he will upload the film to YouTube and Wikia.

We are coming one step closer to finding this "gem" (if it is one)!

EDIT 8/9/15: Over the past five days, a rapid development has been occurring as five /co/ threads on 4chan have been created, dedicated to unearthing this mysterious title. In the first thread, an image was uploaded which appeared to be an actual still from the film. The supposed screenshot (right) was soon discovered to be a fake, as the SpongeBob model was ripped straight from a fan render video from 2012 and the kid was edited out of a photo of two children standing in front of a green screen.[6]
ADayWithSpongeBobSquarePantsTheMovie HQCover-0

A more clear image of the cover

In the third thread, an anon who works at Hastings appeared and stated that the DVD could be seen and ordered via the employee system but was not listed in the public search for the store. He proceeded to order a copy and said that he would "have it in about 2 weeks."[7] Another anon who works at a separate Hastings branch appeared and also ordered a copy, thereby doubling the chances of either one receiving the DVD.[8] Despite each having ordered a copy of the DVD, the two Hastings workers are not entirely sure if they will even receive a copy, since their vendors are out of stock.[9] One of the workers, however, has made an effort to search thrift shops, libraries, and bargain bins for the movie in case the order falls through. If it does, he says he will contact upper management to attempt to resolve the problem.

Other attempts have been made at either obtaining information about the film or the film itself. One anon e-mailed an Amazon user named mike zendar who reviewed the film and asked if he had a copy of it. The conversation ended up fruitless as the reviewer was concluded to be a troll.[10] Another anon entered Reagal Films' address into Google Maps, which showed a shopping plaza.[11] A different anon traveled to a division of MVD Entertainment, a company which catalogs the DVD on their site, and found that their offices were empty.[12]

As of late, the greatest lead we have is the two Hastings workers in the 4chan threads. This page will continue to be updated as new information arises.

AMAZON EDIT 8/14/15: This one slipped by me, but then again, I mean, who cares, they're probably trolls again. Two reviews have showed since the last Amazon Edit (7/31/15). One written by "Johnathan". Title: "This honestly feels like a mockery to the SpongeBob Brand as a whole" Stars: 2. Review: "This honestly feels like a mockery to the SpongeBob Brand as a whole. There are some funny moments, but the movie is just forgettable." Another one, written by "Camilo", was, ironically, titled "an unforgettable adventure". Stars: 5. Review: "Heart warming and action packed! Strongly recommend for the whole family and friends". As always, the reviews and names for the people are copied word for word. Again, I wouldn't believe the reviewers of the movie, with reviews popping up here and there 4 years after the movie's release.

Reagal is Shady Update 8/14/15: A few days back, I found out that not only is Reagal Films' headquarters at a shopping mall, but it is in the back of it. The only way to access it is to go into the back parking lot and go through presumably a door in the back. Unfortunately, that's not even all the info we have. Moodiecitymadman, a contributor on the Lost Media Wiki, found out that when you go to Reagal Films' website, they (or someone) attempts to download a Trojan virus onto your computer. For your safety, unless you have an anti-virus like me (Thisishowibro9303) and Moodiecitymadman, STAY AWAY from

General Update 8/19/15: Today, two people claiming to have the movie have come out of the blue. First, someone named "Slick Nick" messaged me on Facebook saying "hey i have a day with spongebob squarepants the movie im going to upload it to youtube tomorrow in the afternoon. i rated the movie and gave it a 7 out of 10 the story was decent but the animation was alil strange and the voice was not convincing at all, heres a couple of screen shots". Copies word for word. The double space was there too. Of course, this turned out to not be true, because the screenshots were from a video called "SpongeBob SquarePants in Real Life". Another case was on 4chan, somebody claimed to have the film. He left a couple of "screenshots" and a photo of him supposedly holding the DVD case. This thread has yet to be proven false or fake. The thread can be viewed here. That will be all for Wednesday, August 19, 2015 unless more information pops up.


Major Update 8/24/15: Today, someone on the /co/ thread said this: "Wait, this is lost?

I downloaded this off a private tracker along with that Cool Cat movie like two months ago.

Wow holy **** if I feel special. The ******* in me doesn't want to release this."

Nothing is known about the anon but it is most likely a ruse.

UPDATE WITHIN AN UPDATE UPDATE The anon who said he had the film on his computer said that he will take snapshots using VLC, but many other anons have told him to simply upload the film to MEGA. If he delivers, we might be responsible for finding one of the most lost modern cartoons in recent history! That will be all for Monday, August 24, 2015 unless more information pops up.

UPDATE: 8/25/15: A major breakthrough has just happened on the /co/ thread. Hastingsfag and OriginalPoster have figured out that Jason Boritz is legit. OP: "GUYS WAIT. THAT GUY THAT CLAIMED TO WORK FOR REAGAL. HE CALLED HIS BOSS LORENZO. AND WE FOUND SOMEONE NAMED LORENZO. GUYS I THINK WE ****** UP."

HF: "Where was this again?!?!"


HF: " seems like he just up and left, nobody really told him he wasn't legit except a few obvious trolls. he was just met with some natureal skepticism. god ****** if Regalanon still lurks please come back. at least now we probably know what happened.


HF: ">and the only employess were me and another friend alright so Lorenzo is the CEO, and either Jason Boritz or someone else has been lurking here. time to figure out that third employee."

HF: ">I worked for Regal films up until 2012 HOLY **** ITS PROBABLY BORITZ

im gonna scan his wordpress from the last few days to see if he references us at all."

This is only part of the ever-growing breakthrough on the /co/ thread.

This is all for the update for 8/25/15. We are getting closer to blowing the lid off this mystery!

The LEGALLY BANNED SPONGEBOB Episode (@RebelTaxi) A Day With Spongebob Mockumentry

The LEGALLY BANNED SPONGEBOB Episode (@RebelTaxi) A Day With Spongebob Mockumentry

MAJOR UPDATE 9/8/15: Pan-Pizza (creator of the YouTube channel RebelTaxi), with his excellent track record in finding lost animation has released his video on ADWSS! As he claims to own a bootleg tape, he included clips of the movie, but they were found out to be clips from a SpongeBob porno on YouTube, leading to the realization that still, no one has the actual film/uploaded a proven real clip of it. He also stated that the movie might just be a guy running around in a SpongeBob costume. Although it was a joke, someone claimed that the movie was like that.

UPDATE 9/10/15: Reagal's site is back up and is no longer a program that trys to install viruses into your computer.

UPDATE 9/11/15: /co/ is deleting all the ADWSS threads. All of Hastingsfag's further updates will be on the Lost Media Wiki forums, and there is now an 8chan thread.

AMAZON UPDATE 9/13/15: A new review has shown up. The review was made by Jeremy Kolpe with the title "Very bad cheap made film". Review: "This film was made on the cheap, don't buy it! My friend used to work for Inovisim/Reagal. It's just a man in a Spongebob costume running around with a kid in Hollywood. It's filled with unnecessary toilet humor and cheap gags, the reason Reagal went out of business was because they were threatened lawsuit over this. I repeat, DO. NOT . BUY."

A Day With Spongebob Squarepants The Movie (Intro)???

A Day With Spongebob Squarepants The Movie (Intro)???

UPDATE 9/14/2015: A new video of the possible intro has been released, which features the alleged theme uploaded in March 2014 and seems to be more legitimate, though it is possibly fake because it uses a theme song that could just be from a Spongebob fan episode. Also, the video uses a text to speech voice, rather than a real one, unlike Reagals other documentaries.

ENDING UPDATE 9/28/15: It appears it was never released. Dr. Whatchamacallit got in contact with MVD, the distributor for Reagal, and was told that the film was never released, but it was being developed. It was just listed and inevitably canceled. There may still be promo DVDs around, but not any full film.

Imageedit 10 2271720081
It's Not Over Update 10/3/15: Dr. Watchamacallit and I (Thisishowibro9303) are in contact with MVD, and the customer service guy explained that promo copies for the movie in DVD-R format were made, and if we can get our hands on one copy, I'd consider that a victory for the LMW.

Reagal Current State of Affairs Update 10/3/15: As I said earlier, Dr. Whatchamacallit and I (Thisishowibro9303) are in contact with the customer service guy at MVD, and he mentioned to Dr. Whatchamacallit that he contacted Reagal in regards to the film and he is yet to get a response. He emailed me the same thing, and I asked him if Reagal had done anything possibly illegal in the past (just because of the theories popping up), and he responded, "Reagal is a real company. They make unauthorized documentaries and lots of them of still available and on amazon etc. That said, I don't feel comfortable talking about another company, especially when people were taking pics of the MVD office and putting MVD's voicemail on youtube. getting a little weird for my tastes." So basically, Reagal is legit, nothing "illegal" or anything along those lines. That said, think about the last thing he said. "I don't feel comfortable talking about another company, especially when people were taking pics of the MVD office and putting MVD's voicemail on youtube. getting a little weird for my tastes." Don't harass MVD anymore, because they are still alive and not abandoned. Don't ask anything legal about Reagal, either. They are 100% legit.

Update, 11/4/15: A new review on Amazon popped up today, saying:

"Stumbled upon a copy of this at a neighbor's garage sale this weekend ($0.25) and watched with my step-son last night. It's a bit odd, even as far as SpongeBob goes, but Brysan seemed to enjoy it. Might donate to the local library."

Another review, from September 15, 2015, said:

"It was cute, take it for what it is, a kids movie. Though I don't understand the reference to Reservoir Dogs, I highly doubt any kid will understand that. If I was a kid watching this I would get kind of disturbed."

Could they be trolls?

-robowil m

Update, 11/18/15: Recently I have been looking on Amazon to see if any new reviews appeared. Not yet. -robowil

Update, 11/23/15: A new Amazon review appeared on the 20th of November. Here is what it says:

"Watched it over a friends house.

It's not great and looks cheaply made.

Only recommended as long as you watch it to poke fun at it."

Probably a troll, too. -Robowil.

Update, 11/27/15: Found a recent review of the movie from Peter Carthy: "I could tell pretty quick into the movie that this was basically like one of those Asylum knock off films made just to trick people into buying them. I doubt they even got the rights from Nick to make this. I was guessing this came out around the time the first spongebob movie did, shocked to look it up on here and see its from 2011,"


Let's set some ground rules: If you actually worked or currently work for Reagal, provide us with proof that you're associated with them i.e. an actual work document or files from Reagal, emails from Reagal, a work paycheck from them or an income tax form with your job listing on it. If you claim that you did work with Reagal, but you cannot provide us with any proof, then you are certainly most likely lying. If you post an update, you must put your username after it so we know who wrote it as well.

More Amazon Updates?! 12/3/15: Alright, I just checked Amazon today. Two new reviews popped up, which are:

"My grandma bought this as a birthday present for my brother's birthday when he was younger (turning 5 or 6 or something). It ended up going to goodwill, it wasn't something the family really enjoyed watching. Wished we had kept it, what with all the searching for it now." from November 29, 2015.

The other one, from December 2, 2015 is:

"its a pretty cheap knock off film, like those knock off versions of pixar films. Giving it two stars because it hilarious to give it a shot and see how bad it is, and because it contains references to a great movie (e.g. Spongebob gets a wig and is codenamed mr. blonde and patrick is mr. pink)"


Another Amazon Review 12/6/15: Today, when i checked Amazon, i found another review from December 4, 2015:

"A Day With SpongeBob Squarepants: The Movie is an Unauthorized Mockumentary about a boy who wins the change to meet with Spongebob. Even though I'm a big film goer I rarely watch Unauthorized documentaries, much like how I don't buy unofficial JLS calendars in the Howard Center, but as this had the word Spongebob in it, within a heartbeat I payed £10 + god knows how much shipping to get this DVD imported into the UK. But was it worth it? Not really.

If you' haven't seen cult film Cool Cat Saves the Kids, watch the trailer. Then imagine cool cat being replaced with Spongebob, and that's what you get. It's all live action, no animation at all, and I'm pretty sure one of the scenes where Spongebob was in Universal Studios was questionable (a security guard starts to walk to the camera but then it quickly cuts off, that obviously wasn't part of the film). It's really unprofessional.

Talking about unprofessional, let's talk about the DVD itself - it's awful. The label comes off so easily and the cover looks like it was photocopied. The case is fine though, and it's a strange transparent orange.

The only reason why I haven't rated the film 1 star is because Spongebob drops the F-Bomb to Plankton (who looks strangely similar to Warwick Davis) close to the end of the film and it's hilarious. The title of this review is the exact line he used."

The man who reviewed it is Joe Thomas, on his account on Amazon you can find the following information:

Hi! My name's Joe. I'm 13 and I'm from Hertfordshire. I'm here to help you guys! I love informing people about what's hot and why/why not your money should go where it is. I'm also doing volunteer support work at Spotify, helping hundreds of satisfied customers.

Interests: Maths, movies, music, quick read books and hard drives (I have an obsession with them for some reason).

His website:


Update 12/6/15:

Review is fake


Update 12/20/15

Here's a review from Barcodelookup.

I found this movie at a goodwill. My Girlfriend was donating some stuff so while she was talking to the guy I went inside. You never know what you could find in those places. And would you believe it I found a copy. My girlfriend is a fan of spongebob so she watched it with me. It was all black and white and at one point it got really disturbing. The kid got his ear cut off. And the worst part is that it seemed real but the characters laughed it off. It gives me the chills. I can understand why this movie isnt available.


The following users should be ignored as they're possibly the same person:

Babylon josh

On the internet

John hall777












Babylob joshy

There maybe others, but let's move on.

Update 1/6/16: ThatsJustLo, a new user on the site, claims he/she is an asset manager on the production of SpongeBob Squarepants. They prove this by sending CartoonPizza and Uzuott vector files that the ADWSS crew used without permission from Viacom. (Viacom is the owner of Nickelodeon, and thus, the intellectual property rights to SpongeBob Squarepants.) ThatsJustLo revealed that Reagal was never under any sort of court ordered silence. (As had been speculated previously.) He/she said that Viacom agreed not to sue or legally pursue Reagal as long as they never released the film for profit. Apparently, they were allowed to release the film for free, so long as they followed some rules. (Ex. SpongeBob can't appear on the cover, etc.) According to the user, the film was FINISHED and that the individual that reported the stolen assets (to ThatsJustLo) had likely seen the film in it's entirety, however ThatsJustLo was only able to view the credits. After Viacom decided to "spare" Reagal from a lawsuit, Reagal ceased all contact with Viacom and the movie went and went "off the grid".

Update 1/18/2016: Thatsjustlo, is no longer sending out the vector images because someone has leaked them. Cheneyman has discovered that the user SASQUACH (a user who's been known to cause trouble) was given the vector images under a different user name (Imboredlol) making him the suspected leaker. Marisam77 has also discovered that the head of Reagal films, Lorenzo Holley has been arrested at least once after running his name through a background checking site. He's also found a phone number for Holley which has been given to Hastingsfag who said he would attempt to contact him.

CHANGE OF LOCATION UPDATE 2/8/16: Due to the messiness of this article, we will have it cleaned up at some point. Also, we (myself, Radiant, Moodiecitymadman, etc) will be more or less leaving this wikia to join the new LMW at That's where the main search will take place, as we want to be able to support Dycaite on the new website. I have also created a new blog to record the timeline of ADWSS. I will be calling it ADWSS Timeline. The blog can be seen here:

We would also love to have Hastingsfag join us, please. We would enjoy his skill and company over on the new site.

Hope to see you guys there, and happy hunting!


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