I remember watching this one live action film (not a movie, but probably around 30 mins. long) it was pretty old being made around the 70's or 80's. Basically the plot centered around three children, every day they walked home from school they would have to pass this old lady's house who they were scared of and thought she was evil for some reason. But basically one day the one kid man's up and goes to the scary old lady's house to find out that she is not evil but really quiet friendly, basically she goes on to tell the kid her life story. The next day the boy tells the other two kids about his encounter with the old lady, and they still seem scared of her, and don't understand why the kid visited her. I guess it was a don't judge a book by its cover sorta story. Does anyone remember this or know what it's called, or if it's from a show? Any help is appreciated. thanks!

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