Hi there. I am sorta new to the wiki. I am here to give a bio about me in 10 convienemt facts.

1. I go to Washington Township Middle School in Valparasio 

2. I am in 8th grade

3. I am a metal head, with my favorite band being Metallica

4. I love video games, with classic Nintendo my favorite

5. I play guitar

6. I am a Huge Ace Attorney Fan

7. Apollo Justice is my favorite Defense Attorney

8. Klavier Gavin is my favorite Prosecutor

9. I like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Rick and Morty

10. I love to watch YouTube.

Here you go. 10 general things about me. If you have a question for me, follow me on tumbler, Rman8018 and if you have something ergent for me, E-mail me at Rman8018@gmail. 

Bye guys

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