I don't really want to make a page for this, so I'll just write a blog on what I know.

39 of the 42 shorts are available on the internet. However, Marriage Wows, Accordion Joe, and Ace of Spades are not fully available. The UCLA has prints of Marriage Wows and Accordion Joe. I contacted them on May 9, 2017, asking if they'd release them. However, they aren't legally allowed to.

Accordion joe

Accordion Joe only survives on the internet as a piece of concept art by Grim Natwick, an animator on the series.

Ace of Spades was found in January 2010 by Tom Stathes. Only a few clips and images are available online, though. Ace of Spades is screened annually as part of Tom's Cartoon Carnival.
Ace of spades
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