Ushiro was a planned horror-RPG game developed by Level 5, first announced and shown at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show. It was about Reiichiro Ushiro, a shinigami spirit with the power to give a person one single wish in exchange for their lives. Although nothing is known about the game being cancelled, in a famitsu article from April 2014, they are planning to revive the project.

In terms of gameplay, Reiichiro is able to control and possess people, seeing the lives of strangers, and battling the personifications of the evils in people's hearts.

TGS 2008 Ushiro Trailer - Subtitled

TGS 2008 Ushiro Trailer - Subtitled

The trailer from the 2008 Tokyo Game Show.

Ushiro in game


Unseen64 article.

Reiichiro design
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