Lost Media Archive

UzamiJericko is a Spanish YouTuber who quit YouTube at around early 2016 due to problems and frustration, for example, that his videos did not generate almost visits,he maked a video talking about the subject to later delete the videos and after a few years delete the channel.

After closing the channel he made 2 new channels, TaiysuNyan (which later renamed Agents of Booyah) and another one of gameplays called ElJerickoInkling (which I delete with all his videos and can also be considered lost).

Some time later several people recovered and reuploaded some videos of their channel, there is also a page called tutv which had some videos, but the page is actually taken down.


His profile picture


Juegos embrujados Pokemon Lost Silver en español por Jericko (leer descripcion)

One of his videos which was found