Nintendo Virtual Boy Demos feat

Nintendo Virtual Boy Demos feat. Mario Land VB & Starfox VB @ WCES 1995 - Las Vegas, NV-1

Footage of various Virtual Boy demos from WCES '95, including VB Mario Land and StarFox. Skip to 3:10 for the VB Mario Land demo.

The Virtual Boy was a critical and financial failure, and because of this, many games that were planned or being developed were canned, never to receive an official release. A successor to Super Mario Land 2, titled VB Mario Land (also referred to as Mario Adventure), is without a doubt one of these games. Taking advantage of all of the Virtual Boy's capabilities, VB Mario Land would've been one of the most advanced games on the Virtual Boy.
VB Mario Land-Flagpole

A screenshot from the WCES '95 demo.

Very little is actually known about VB Mario Land outside of a gameplay demo from Winter CES 1995, showcasing one of the levels from start to finish.

Mario Bros. VB


Info and screenshots from Nintendo Power, January 1995.

Mario Bros

Mario Bros. VB at Shoshinkai 1994 (Virtual Boy)

Roughly 8 seconds of footage from Mario Bros. VB.

During Shoshinkai 1994, a remake of Mario Bros. was announced titled Mario Bros. VB. Aside from the 3D element  and the fact that the graphics were completely redone for the remake, Mario Bros. VB would not have been much different from the original.

Development of Mario Bros. VB lasted for less than a year before it was planned to be redone as a full-on platformer (VB Mario Land). Before it was reworked, Mario Bros. VB was featured in the January 1995 issue of Nintendo Power (pg. 89), when it was intended to be one of the launch titles for the Virtual Boy.

Mario Bros. VB was once again reworked into a 3D arrangement of the arcade classic. This new 3D version was initially planned to be a minigame in VB Mario Land, but was instead released as a full game, titled Mario Clash.


The game would play out as your typical 2D Mario, but you'll be given the option to take different routes located on the Foreground and Background of the level, taking advantage of the 2.5D gimmick. Some Warp Pipes led you to Zelda-esque dungeons complete with overhead view. A level would end with the traditional Goal Pole and Castle seen in previous Mario games.

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