While VeggieTales has had 3 Brazilian dubs (all of them named Os Vegetais) so far, one of them from 1996 has been almost completely lost. Only one episode has been found so far, and two others (the 1st 2 episodes) are no longer in Lu9's possession, making the dub harder to find.


  • The episodes of this dub were previously uploaded to YouTube in 2015, but were removed, possibly due to copyright claims, as VeggieTales videos usually fell under copyright-striking on YouTube that year.
  • When this article was first created, all there was to be found was a brief clip from Are You My Neighbor?, the covers for all episodes that were dubbed (albeit in extremely poor quality), and some images from the VegeHits CD.
  • On February 2019, Lu9 found Are You My Neighbor? but it's not the full episode and the final lyric from the theme song was heard in place of the What Have We Learned? song (albeit it is unknown if the laughter at the end was redubbed or if the original sound was used).
  • On September 23, 2019, BigRedMonster86 found a download link for the VegeHits 1996 CD here. However, when you try to download the files, it take you to– which is a scam site– requiring you to register and select payment methods, which is NOT a good idea. There has got to be a way to download the CD files using a hacking software of some sort.
  • On March 17, 2020, a picture of the VHS to the original Brazilian dub of Where's God When I'm S-Scared? was found by Jonathan Teka on Instagram. The post dates back to September 22, 2016, so it's currently unknown if litadejc (the person who took the picture) still has the tape.


  • José Luiz Barbeito as Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber (singing)
  • Marco Ribeiro as Larry the Cucumber (speaking)
  • Manolo Rey as Junior Asparagus (speaking)
  • Marisa Leal as Junior Asparagus (singing)
  • Sérgio Stern as Jimmy Gourd
  • Clécio Souto as Jerry Gourd (singing)


  • UPDATE 1 (FEBRUARY 25, 2019): Lu9 found Are You My Neighbor? on a CD that his dad owns. He is planning to rip it and upload it soon.
  • UPDATE 2 (FEBRUARY 26, 2019): Lu9 finally uploaded the original Brazilian dub of Are You My Neighbor? to YouTube!
  • UPDATE 3 (FEBRUARY 26, 2019): Lu9 stated that he used to have the original 1996 Brazilian dubs of Where's God When I'm S-Scared? and God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?! recorded on another CD, but sadly, he lost that CD.
  • UPDATE 4 (FEBRUARY 27, 2019): BigRedMonster86 uploaded a recreation of the original tape, albeit Larry's line in the closing countertop cuts off after a bit and the rest of the audio after that is from the Herbert Richers dub.
  • UPDATE 5 (MARCH 17, 2020): Sorry if this is late, but BigRedMonster86 has terminated his YouTube account, making the original dub of Are You My Neighbor? with the recreated visuals unwatchable. However, it's backed up on
  • UPDATE 6 (MARCH 17, 2020): litadejc on Instagram may have a copy of the original Brazilian dub of Where's God When I'm S-Scared?. The post dates back to September 22, 2016, so it's currently unknown if she still has the tape.


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