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베지테일 오프닝 한국어더빙판(Veggietales intro-korean dubbed version)

베지테일 오프닝 한국어더빙판(Veggietales intro-korean dubbed version)

The korean intro

VeggieTales has a Korean version, which aired on KBS1, which can't be found anywhere, however an ad for the Korean dub has been uploaded on YouTube but is now deleted.

UPDATE August 2018: The Korean dub of Jonah has been uploaded on Vimeo.

Along with this, clips from certain episodes were found in Korean but they are now deleted.

UPDATE 1.5: (August 2018): Here is a list of songs (not including those played during the credits). An asterisk (*) means the song was dubbed. A dollar sign ($) means the song was undubbed.

  • Billy Joe McGuffrey *
  • Bald Bunny *
  • Steak and Shrimp *
  • Message from the Lord $
  • It Cannot Be *
  • Second Chances $
  • Jonah Was a Prophet $

UPDATE 26 January 2019: BigRedMonster (aka NebbaKNezzaFan228) here. I'd like to announce that Intertoons, Inc. (aka BoyInCharge55) received 4 full episodes on two compilation DVDs: Madame Blueberry, King George, Fib, and Rumor Weed.

Today, he has uploaded the Korean dub of Fib to YouTube.

UPDATE 27 January 2019: (BigRed) Now BIC55 got up Madame.

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