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베지테일 오프닝 한국어더빙판(Veggietales intro-korean dubbed version)

The korean intro

VeggieTales has a Korean version, which aired on KBS1, EBS. which can't be found anywhere, however an ad for the Korean dub has been uploaded on YouTube and can be seen below.

UPDATE August 2018: The Korean dub of Jonah has been uploaded on Vimeo.

Along with this, clips from certain episodes were found in Korean but they are now deleted.

UPDATE 1.5: (August 2018): Here is a list of songs (not including those played during the credits). An asterisk (*) means the song was dubbed. A dollar sign ($) means the song was undubbed.

  • Billy Joe McGuffrey *
  • Bald Bunny *
  • Steak and Shrimp *
  • Message from the Lord $
  • It Cannot Be *
  • Second Chances $
  • Jonah Was a Prophet $

UPDATE 26 January 2019: BigRedMonster (aka NebbaKNezzaFan228) here. I'd like to announce that Intertoons, Inc. (aka BoyInCharge55) received 4 full episodes on two compilation DVDs: Madame Blueberry, King George, Fib, and Rumor Weed.

Today, he has uploaded the Korean dub of Fib to YouTube.

UPDATE 27 January 2019: (BigRed) Now BIC55 got up Madame.

UPDATE 28 Novemver 2020: Two episodes were mentioned where no video was found on a personal site, writing lyrics about the theme of animation, drama, etc. It is an episode called "세 친구, "심술쟁이 청포도 가족". But Neither seems to be a video release.

UPDATE 28.5 Novemver 2020: "심술쟁이 청포도 가족" was It looks like the dub of "God Wants Me to Forgive Them?!". Because the green grape family was mentioned in the title.

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