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Cover of the Korean version of Are You My Neighbor?

VeggieTales is a 27-year-old popular video series about anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity. The episodes frequently retell and recreate Bible stories anachronistically reframed and include humorous references to pop culture.

Because of the show's popularity, various dubs such as Spanish have been made of the series, however, various dubs are extremely hard to find, even if you search the name of the series in that language, at first, this page covered only the Japanese and Korean dubs of the series, but now, it serves for findings of various other dubs such as Russian, German, Arabic, Norwegian, and others.


Japanese Hairbush Song

For the Japanese dub, every episode except "Where's God When I'm Scared" has been found, and the Japanese dub of the Hairbrush Song was also found as an Easter Egg on The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown DVD. Japanese dubs of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie and The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything have been proven to exist, but in the latter's case, it sadly cannot be accessed outside of Japan due to it being only available in digital services and not in physical formats such as DVD or Blu-ray; however, the Japanese dub of Jonah was recently discovered and uploaded to YouTube. There are some openings of the series in Japanese, uploaded by Buster Bird, but they were discovered to be fake, as they were only a mix of the Chinese and Arabic versions of the opening. Six of the Japanese tapes were once available on Life of Words' Japanese catalog site, but have been long out of stock and can't be added to cart. The Korean dub however has had more found episodes and clips before the Japanese dub eventually did.

Additionally, while Os Vegetais (the Brazilian Portuguese dub of VeggieTales) itself isn't generally hard to find (despite a few episodes and the Jonah movie from this dub being lost), the original 1996 or 1997 Audio News dub as released on VHS by BV Films is, as only two episodes of the 1st dub have been found (one of them incomplete) and took a couple of years to resurface since their deletion from YouTube after 2015, making this one of the most hardest VeggieTales foreign dubs to find.

EDIT: I found a few more covers of the Korean VeggieTales DVDs. They're from a website called yesasia.com, I might check the website out to see if I can get more photos.

Anyway, I'll make a gallery and add those covers to them.


베지테일 오프닝 한국어더빙판(Veggietales intro-korean dubbed version)-1

EDIT 2: I found a bit of the Korean dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. Its only the ending and the credits though. Definitely gonna contact the uploader to see if he has anything else from this dub.

Also, I checked yesasia.com. Its a shopping website, and the VeggieTales DVDs/VHSs are out of stock. Here's a link to some of their listings so you know I'm not making it up or you're curious:

Are You My Neighbor?:


Madame Blueberry:


King George and the Ducky:


LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed:


Lyle the Kindly Viking:


EDIT 3: Eureka!!! I was searching for Spanish VHS covers of the series when I found the Japanese cover of Where's God When I'm S-Scared!!, I also found a Japanese website that has the original VHS in Japanese along with other episodes! I also found covers for God Wants Me To Forgive Them?!?, Are You My Neighbor?, Rack, Shack and Benny, Dave and the Giant Pickle and The Toy That Saved Christmas. Also the Japanese name above is not real, the true name of the series in Japan is ヴェジテールズ, not ベジーテイルズ

Here is the link for the Japanese website:



Covers(the left covers are the Korean ones, and the right covers are the Japanese ones):

EDIT 3.5: (BigRed) JKDoodles recently unearthed four new Korean covers and uploaded them to Big Idea Wiki. These four covers shown here are beneath the one for The Star of Christmas.

EDIT 4: BiC55 here. I found Jonah in Hungarian online, but it's in low quality in both audio and video. I have the Hungarian DVD of the movie and played it on my MacBook Pro, but the menus look like they were done by a group of 6th graders. The main menu shows the Hungarian dub of Jonah Was A Prophet, the scenes menu has the dub of Second Chances, and the other menus have a dub of Message From The Lord. Here's the Hungarian dub, if anyone's interested. http://videa.hu/videok/film-animacio/aker-jonas.es.a.zoldsegmesek-kkmTPVcCOm9fxKVM

EDIT 5: I'm back. I found a version of Jonah with Russian people talking over the English dialogue. They didn't translate Billy Joe McGuffrey for some strange reason. There are other VeggieTales episodes with Russian voice overs, including Saint Nicholas: A Story Of Joyful Giving. That was released 2 years after the show stopped being dubbed. Here's the Russian version for anyone who's interested. https://m.ok.ru/video/39696337492

EDIT 6: I got the lyrics from the Hungarian version of "Steak and Shrimp" from the subtitles on the DVD.

Cápa steaket, kérek, kérek!
Rák, rák, még egy, még egy!

Garnélát, garnélát,
ide, ide, kérek, kérek!

Nyami-hami, fald fel őket,
rákot, kagylót, herkentyűket!

EDIT 7: I found something very interesting. The actor who voices Junior in the Japanese dub is Yuji Mori.

EDIT 8: First thing before I get to this; I realized in the Russian version of Jonah that Billy Joe McGuffrey is translated until "You can buy a zoo with all the doctor bills he paid" is sung the first time. After that, only Bob's dialogue is translated until the end of the song.

Anyways, if you remember the Brazilian Portuguese dubs of the show, the first dub from Audio News that was released on VHS is lost. Jonathan Teka (who is one of my friends on Vimeo and my Brazilian version of Big Idea) made a fan version of the dub's theme song, but the lyrics are just translated from the English version.

For example, what is supposed to be "Nós somos Os Vegetais" is sung as "É hora de Os Vegetais" for some reason, showing that it was translated from the English version.

EDIT 8.5: (originally written by BoyInCharge55 and edited by Jonathan Teka) I just realized that Ramon Mourão (who runs JesusLegalCanal with his brother, Rodrigo Mourão) owns the original VHS dub of Are You My Neighbor (Você é o Meu Vizinho in the dub), but sadly, the theme song (and final scene) are cut off.

EDIT 9: I found a download host for part of a Korean VeggieTales DVD. This includes VOB files. However, you have to register to download the files. http://filecast.co.kr/www/contents/file_down/86781

EDIT 10: Jonathan Teka found a part of the original Brazilian Portuguese dub of Are You My Neighbor?. It's just ONE minute from it, though.

EDIT 10.5: (BigRed) If you're wandering where Jonathan found it, it's right here on 4shared.

EDIT 11: Hi. Jonathan Teka here. I found the original Brazilian VHS cover of Are You My Neighbor?. I also found out Buenna Vista Films distributed the show's products in 1996.


EDIT 12: I heard the Korean dub's name is actually 베지테일. That's just to fix up on what the other guy posted WAY BACK THEN.

EDIT 13: I've heard that there are Croatian and Danish dubs of the show. I have a Croatian DVD of An Easter Carol and plan to upload footage from it at some point on Vimeo. I will link to the video when it's uploaded.

EDIT 14 (December 14, 2017): MisterSheeple here. I just found a ton of Korean covers, and I uploaded them here. There's a lot more, and I will upload the rest soon.

EDIT 15: Jonathan Teka says that there's a German dub that came before the current one that you can find on the internet. He says that it was dubbed from 1997-2004 and that it was dubbed by FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH in Munich. If I remember correctly, David Nathan voiced Bob and Benedikt Weber voiced Larry.

EDIT 15.5: Scratch what I said on the Danish dub of the show. It was actually a Norwegian dub.

EDIT 16: I've found out BoyInCharge55 owns the 2009 German DVD of LarryBoy and the Bad Apple. (known as LarryBoy und der Böse Apfel). I'll see if he can post the full episode on MediaFire or Google Drive anytime soon.

EDIT 17: Part 1 of LarryBoy und der Böse Apfel has been posted on Vimeo by VeggieKid 5000.

EDIT 17.5: BiC55 here! Since Jonathan Teka forgot to post the link to my video, here it is: https://vimeo.com/248613078

EDIT 18: Here's another part of LarryBoy und der Böse Apfel on my Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/248906478

EDIT 19: I'm sorry for not posting a third part of LarryBoy und der Böse Apfel in so long or a while. I'll film it and post it if I can.

EDIT 20: While I was watching some VeggieTales videos on YouTube, I happened to find a Vietnamese VeggieTales remix video along with a few others. I then happened to discover every single episode of the dub...on a single page!

However, it's in English with a Vietnamese voiceover. The Star of Christmas is also split into 2 videos.


EDIT 21: Hi, Jonathan Teka here. I know I'm late but, part 3 (which has been split into 3 halves) and part 4 of LarryBoy and the Bad Apple in German has been posted on Vimeo.

EDIT 21.5: Jonathan Teka doesn't have links. My Vimeo is VeggieKid 5000.

EDIT 22: (originally written by BoyInCharge55 and edited by Jonathan Teka) It's confirmed that the "original" German dub of VeggieTales is fake.

EDIT 23: BigRedMonster86 here. I just saw on Jonathan Teka's message wall on Big Idea Wiki, Bluelobster99 posted a link to the Pasporet website containing the Norwegian dubs for two episodes "Englishman with an Omelet" and "Lyle the Kindly Viking".

EDIT 24: (BiC55) I found a part of the Greek dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie and have it on my mom's hard drive. However, if you try to watch it on YouTube in the US, it's blocked by Lionsgate. I'll upload it on Mediafire and send the link later.

EDIT 25: (BigRedMonster86) I'm trying to find the Spanish dub of Rack, Shack and Benny, but the VHS and DVD for it in Spanish are not available on the Internet, so I'm going to consider the Spanish dub as lost. The Spanish dub of the episode was on YouTube once, but it's been taken down.

EDIT 26: Hi, I'm Jonathan Teka. The Latin Spanish dub of Rack, Shack & Benny can actually be found on Vimeo.

EDIT 27: (BigRedMonster86) Wow, didn't know Drac, Sac y Benny (Spanish for "Rack, Shack & Benny") was up on Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/100013206

EDIT 28: (BigRedMonster86) Despite the German dub of Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple, I found DVDs of German dubs of 10 other VeggieTales episodes on Amazon. You can't import them, though, but you can buy the German DVD of The Ballad of Little Joe off the US Amazon site., if you live in Germany, buy them and upload them to the internet, that would be a big help.

EDIT 29: I found the Korean dub of the Stuffmart Rap when I searched 베지테일 on Google, it also has subtitles in Korean for some reason, here it is if anyone's interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVoh5jG5t8Q

I also found a few more videos when I searched 베지테일, you can copy the name and search for them.

EDIT 30: The name of the series in Germany is actually Bob & Larrys Bibelgeschichten for the Bible story episodes instead of VeggieTales, try searching it if you want to find more stuff.

EDIT 31: (BigRedMonster86) Darn it! På sporet shows every two different VeggieTales episodes in Norwegian per week! I could've saved some of the episodes. Anyway, I'll try to capture the two episodes they have on there right now.

EDIT 32: It's possible you can order the Japanese VeggieTales ヴェジテールズ VHS tapes here. I can't guarantee the site will ship anything outside of Japan. (P.S. Also, I uploaded the two Norwegian-dubbed episodes Joshua og den store muren and Balladen om lille Joe to Dailymotion.)

EDIT 33: I entered the link for the German DVD's search link in the Amazon Germany website and searched VeggieTales, to my surprise, a few more DVD's are also availabe apart from the other 10 in the original link, the original name is used for non-Bible episodes, here is the link for anyone who lives in Germany (and has a Region 2 DVD player) and wants to buy them and upload them to the internet: https://www.amazon.de/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&url=search-alias%3Ddvd&field-keywords=VEGGIETALES&rh=n%3A284266%2Ck%3AVEGGIETALES

EDIT 33.5: Apparently, the series stopped being dubbed in Japanese when The Toy That Saved Christmas was released.

EDIT 34: Hi, I'm Jonathan Teka. The Japanese dub actually did do episodes after The Toy That Saved Christmas, like Larry-Boy! & the Fib from Outer Space! and Lyle the Kindly Viking.

EDIT 34.5: I'm the user who said that the Japanese dub stopped after TTTSC, it's because I couldn't find any other covers, sorry.

EDIT 35: Well, continuing, when I tried searching for more Japanese covers, I found the cover for the Brazilian version of the VeggieTunes CD, I downloaded the image and I put it here, you can see below:

4286544787594801857 account id=2.jpg

EDIT 36: According to the Big Idea wiki (believe it or not), VeggieTales in the House was actually dubbed in Korean, the name of the series in Korean is 베지테일 인 더 하우스 but I don't known if VeggieTales in the City was also dubbed.

EDIT 37: I found a ton of Os Vegetais covers, but since I don't want to spam the images, here is the link of Big Idea's wiki article of the show, which has the images: http://bigidea.wikia.com/wiki/Os_Vegetais

EDIT 38: Great news! I found the Japanese dub of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (the movie, not the song), the bad news is that you must register and start a 31 trial or pay to continue watching the stuff the website has to watch the movie, I also found out that Larry had 2 voice actors in Japan, Kappei Yamaguchi in the series and Mitsuaki Madono in the aforementioned movie, if you have the courage of registering in order to watch the movie, record it and upload it in Dailymotion or Vimeo

Link to the movie: https://pc.video.dmkt-sp.jp/ti/10018525

EDIT 39: Bad news, the video of the ending credits of the Korean dub of Jonah has been deleted.

EDIT 40: On Fuyin.tv, out of all the 8 Chinese-dubbed VeggieTales episodes I found on there, I noticed the Chinese dub for The Toy That Saved Christmas is missing. aXis once posted a clip of that one in Chinese but deleted it.

EDIT 41: Hey, this is BoyInCharge55. I noticed you cannot add any Japanese VeggieTales stuff to your cart.

EDIT 42: Hmm. Maybe because that shopping site is not available in the U.S., so apparently and sadly you cannot import the Japanese VHS tapes.

EDIT 43: Despite the Arabic dubs found for only seven episodes, I also found Arabic dubs for The Hairbrush Song and Endangered Love.

EDIT 44: aXis said he has the Chinese dub for The Toy That Saved Christmas saved from years ago, but it's in bad quality. BTW The link to the video of the Chinese dub was taken down years ago for copyright.

EDIT 45: I just uploaded the Mandarin Chinese dub of The Toy That Saved Christmas to YouTube. Unlike the other episodes in Mandarin Chinese that used the original 1993-1997 edits of the episodes, I just noticed this one uses the 1998 edit.

EDIT 46: I found the German dub of "Daniel and the Lions Den". Dunno if it's the REAL German audio or not, but it was fandubbed (I believe...) from some former youth service group, the songs are left un-dubbed except with German subs, and some of the music is different from the actual thing.

EDIT 47: Chi here, or as you may know me, aXis. I actually bought Slovenian dub of Jonah on the website, and it came with a DVD ISO and a PDF of a cover scan. If you pay with PayPal, the total is $2.13 USD. I'll be uploading the instrumental of the Credits Song on my Veggie channel, "ThatVeggieChannel" and I may upload the whole movie on Vimeo or something later.

EDIT 48:

Jonah (Korean Dub)

EDIT 49: I found the Norwegian dub of Very Silly Songs! on På sporet. I've uploaded it here on Vimeo.

The rare Larry's Lagoon DVD. Like Englishman with an Omelet, it's only an international release.

EDIT 50: Oh wait, the Dailymotion links are not working (other than for me). So I managed to upload the four Norwegian dubs to YouTube and delete Very Silly Songs! from Vimeo instead.

Ballad of Little Joe (Norwegian)

Josh and the Big Wall (Norwegian)

Larry's Lagoon (rare international DVD)

Very Silly Songs (Norwegian)

EDIT 51: I bought the 1997 VHS of the original Latin Spanish dub of Where's God When I'm Scared? from Amazon and got it in the mail today. As soon as I digitize it, I will put it up on YouTube sometime sooner or later.

EDIT 52: Where's God When I'm Scared? (Original Latin Spanish dub, 1997)

EDIT 53: Jonathan Teka also sent me a video of the alternate credits of the original Latin Spanish dub of Where's God When I'm Scared?. I posted it here.

EDIT 54: The Hebrew dub of the show is called סיפורי ירקות. I can't find any episodes in Hebrew, but there's also a Hebrew dub for In the House called סיפורי ירקות בבית. I don't know if it exists, cuz when I went here on Netflix, Netflix was in English just when I thought it was in Hebrew when on Google.

EDIT 55: Bad news, all the Vietnamese Chuyện Rau Quả voiceovers got taken off that site. :'(

EDIT 56: New-time user RugmanDuck here, just wanted to say that a user by the name of CrimbauldoGrimebaum uploaded a reconstructed version of Larry's Lagoon.

EDIT 57: Duke and the Great Pie War (Norwegian)

EDIT 58: CrimbaldoGrimebaum (aka BigRedMonster86) here. I can say right now that the original Latin Spanish/Chilean dubs of the first six episodes are becoming hard to find. So I will provide a playlist of all the original Latin Spanish dubs of the first six episodes on YouTube.

Latin Spanish/Chilean dubs for the following episodes ranging from "Very Silly Songs!" to "Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen" are unconfirmed to exist.

EDIT 59: You may have seen Chi's post about the Slovenian dub of Jonah (Jona in velika riba), but guess what? I have a channel called Intertoons that has over a handful of episodes in said language!

Intertoons Inc.

A friend of mine from Slovenia named ALONSO-ARANDEL MI also has the Slovenian dubs of The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment and The Ballad of Little Joe. Please note that each video is separated into 4 parts.


EDIT 60: I was gonna download the 3rd and 4th parts of Jonah in Greek, but I can't find them anymore. Can somebody please find each part so I can download them? I have the 1st and 2nd parts.

EDIT 61: BIC55 posted the German dubs for The Star of Christmas and Gideon.

EDIT 62: Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush (Norwegian)

EDIT 63: BIC55 posted the German dub for Josh and the Big Wall!

EDIT 64: Hey guys Thesonicfan106 here aka Vanna The Hedgehog from Youtube, I have found a clip of the Simpilfied Chinese dub of Dave and The Giant Pickle from youtube. I can also say that the full episodes of the dub can be found from this website: show/id XODQwNjgwMDYw.html?f=23156572&o=1 https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODQwNjgwMDYw.html?f=23156572&o=1. However that dubbed clip from that episode was the only video found on youtube. Thats all i can confirm. Well, for now.

EDIT 65: The Peach from IRS has uploaded a Google Drive link to a majority of the Vietnamese Chuyen Rau Qua voiceovers. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fP50SfxZnn5ynJOGYKj3XRLQr4tJw2QQ

Some of them are missing, and I accidentally deleted the Vietnamese voiceovers of "Where's God When I'm Scared?" and "Englishman with an Omelet" off of YouTube and my harddrive by mistake. :(

EDIT 66: Here's all the Vietnamese Chuyen Rau Qua voiceovers I have uploaded. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi6rzqGm0BPAM5lRWCC-YmijewBihzkSF

I do not have the Vietnamese voiceovers of The Grapes of Wrath, Are You My Neighbor?, Rack, Shack and Benny, Dave and the Giant Pickle, Madame Blueberry, Englishman with an Omelet, Sumo of the Opera, and St. Patrick/Larry's Lagoon.

I got Where's God When I'm Scared? re-uploaded thanks to someone else who reposted it from before. I had Englishman with an Omelet but accidentally deleted it. Lemme know if anyone has the above missing Vietnamese voiceovers saved on their desktop.

EDIT 67: I got so me Russian voiceovers of VeggieTales uploaded to YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi6rzqGm0BPCMvslMLi-cZK3KxB1NW6kA

If I find more, I'd be willing to post them.

EDIT 68: (TheSonicfan106) I found what i believe to be a very rare mandrin chinese dub of Josh and The Big Wall on Vimeo that was uploaded by Veggiekid 5000. Go check it out on Vimeo from Veggiekid 5000!

EDIT 69: (CrimbaldoGrimebaum/BigRedMonster86) Actually I got ALL 8 Mandarin Chinese dubs uploaded here to YouTube.

EDIT 70: Thesonicfan106 found some images of the Vietnamese version, they are in the comment section.

EDIT 71: I found a bunch of episodes of the Brazilian dub simply by searching "Os Vegetais" on Youtube, I also found the Brazilian dub of Madame Blueberry when I tried to find a Youtube Poop of it.

Link to the episodes: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=os+vegetais

EDIT 72: Bad news, the Japanese dub of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything was removed from the website it used to be in.

EDIT 73: (RugmanDuck) Thesonicfan106 found images of posters for Vietnamese dubs of VeggieTales. There are also links to both of the episodes. (Unfortunantly i can't upload the images because Wikia says that it has a "invaild token")

Here are also links to the Vietnamese images mentioned earlier:



EDIT 74: I found a clip of the Japanese dub of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: https://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/p/%E8%85%B0%E6%8A%9C%E3%81%91%E3%83%92%E3%83%BC%E3%83%AD%E3%83%BC%E5%A4%A7%E5%86%92%E9%99%BA/8d6kgwzl5pcs/0024

EDIT 75: The images from Edit 73 are from the Vietnamese voiceover and not the Japanese dub, I want to see that Japanese images so badly.

EDIT 76: (RugmanDuck) In my first edit, i stated that BigRedMonster uploaded a reconstructed version of Larry's Lagoon. Little did i know that he uploaded the original version of it!

EDIT 77: In addition to the Pirates movie clip in Japanese, you can actually buy the full movie in Japanese on that same page, but the problem is that you have to register and pay a hell lot of money to watch it.

EDIT 78: (Thesonicfan106) This may surprise you but i have found a Finnish dub of King George and the Ducky on youtube. Its in parts but I'll put them here anyway.

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3JFyt_uKNo

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcqI3GLj0dY

I also found a clip of what it appears to be The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps finnish dub. It has a rare silly song title card at the beginning. Surprised no one found this. However those are the only things I can find for now.

EDIT 79: (BIC55) Unfortunately, the listing for the Hungarian release of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie was out of stock a few months ago. I was the only person who bought it, though!

EDIT 80: It turns out that this so-called "Cantonese" dub of the show that Thesonicfan106 posted is actually one of two Mandarin dubs, except that this one was dubbed in the Mainlands rather than Taiwan.

EDIT 81: (CrimbaldoGrimebaum) I put together the full episode of the Finnish dub of King George. There's 5 other Popsikkaat DVDs but sadly they're out of stock.

EDIT 82: (BoyInCharge55) This may be late, but I uploaded Kralj George i Patkica (the Croatian dub of King George and the Ducky) on Intertoons.

Somebody named Mislav Videos also uploaded short DVD walkthroughs for four episodes and Jonah. Here are the links below, with each episode and Jonah listed in order of American release.

Dave and the Giant Pickle
Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed
Esther...The Girl Who Became Queen
Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie
The Ballad of Little Joe

EDIT 82.5: If you want, I can post a DVD walkthrough for the Croatian DVD of An Easter Carol in a similar style to Mislav's walkthroughs.

EDIT 83: It turns out that På Sporet has not updated their list of VeggieTales episodes for a month now. I don't know when Lord of the Beans will be on their website, but we will just have to see when it happens.

EDIT 84: (BRM86) Look up to EDIT 34-- Jonathan Teka is LYING about further Japanese dubs that come after TTTSC. The Japanese dubs of such episodes like Larry-Boy! & the Fib from Outer Space! and Lyle the Kindly Viking are unsourced and FAKE.

EDIT 84.5: (BRM86) Whoops! My bad. BIC55 told me the truth just now-- any episode made from Fib to Lyle was actually dubbed. A user by the name of Mimitchi33 actually saw those VHS's for sale on a Japanese website as a kid. I dunno where we can find that site now...

EDIT 85: (Thesonicfan106) I have found Dvd covers of the german dubs for Esther and The Ballad of little joe.

Here they are. I did not find the full episodes of it yet. but i hope they can be uploaded soon.

Das Abenteuer von Esther.png
Das Abenteuer von Josef.png

EDIT 85.5: (BoyInCharge55) The covers were already found and can be found on both the pages for the German dub and Bob & Larrys Bibelgeschichten on Big Idea Wiki.

EDIT 86: For those who know about the Norwegian dub, apparently it's shown on the Visjon Norge website around 10:30 AM central time.



EDIT 87: (Chi) I recorded today's episode of norwegian VeggieTales and have uploaded it here.

Larryboy and the Rumor Weed (Norwegian)

EDIT 88: (BigRed) I'm getting all the second Mandarin Chinese dubs downloaded from:



The ones that are gone are The Ballad of Little Joe and Dave and the Giant Pickle.

Also, I'm having so much trouble trying to download Where's God When I'm Scared? due to it not playing on Youku. It's stuck loading.

EDIT 89: (BoyInCharge55) I have both good news and bad news.

BAD NEWS: If you remember seeing edit 82, Mislav Videos deleted all of the videos from his channel, including the VeggieTales DVD walkthroughs.

GOOD NEWS: I have all 5 of them backed up on my hard drive! I will reupload them via Google Drive soon.

EDIT 90: (Chi) Just wanted to clarify this for anyone reading this, the original Mandarin dub is the one with the yellow subtitles, the modern one is the one with the white subtitles and undubbed songs.

EDIT 91: Jonathan Teka here. I found the Norwegian dub for Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler, but it's split into two halves. It also doesn't have the 2004-2006 version of the theme song, but rather, the 2010-2013 version of the theme song.

Asparagus of LaMancha

Holmes and the Golden Ruler

EDIT 91.5: (BigRed) I took both segments together and merged them into the full episode of Sherluck here on YouTube.

EDIT 92: (BoyInCharge55) I found a website that claims to have the Czech dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. In order to watch it, you have to create an account for unlimited streaming.

EDIT 92.5: (BigRed) I just registered and tried to watch the movie. Unfortunately, you can't watch the movie for free. After only 60 seconds of video, you have to pay membership in order to continue watching it.

EDIT 93: (BigRed) Intertoons, Inc. (aka BoyInCharge55) just uploaded a watermark-free copy of the German dub of Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple.

EDIT 93.5: (BoyInCharge55) I specifically pointed out in the description not to complain about the fact it does not have countertops. THE FIRST COMMENT I got on the video was Jonathan Teka doing just that.

EDIT 94: (Jonathan Teka)  BoyinCharge55 uploaded the German dub of Rack, Shack & Benny.

EDIT 94.5: (BoyInCharge55) Apparently, Jonathan made his post late.

EDIT 95: Brrrhhuump-ump-ump-ump-aaaaa!!! Bhump-bhump-bhump-Bhump-bhump-bhump-Bhump-bhump-bhuuuuuuhhhh!!!!! Gideon: Tuba Warrior in Norwegian is up!!!!!!

EDIT 96: (BoyInCharge55) On Monday, I bought Das Abenteuer von Josef from eBay. It should come to my house next week.


EDIT 179: okay, I’ve just posted the Arabic dub of Abe and the Amazing Promise [1]

EDIT 97: Jonathan Teka here. I found an Arabic dub of Dave and the Giant Pickle: https://youtu.be/UgSUfhttnZs Surprisingly, The Hairbrush Song is included rather than Love My Lips.

EDIT 98: There was an Arabic dub of Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space on YouTube in 2012, but it had been removed.

EDIT 99: (BoyInCharge55) The other day, while I was talking to Jonathan about some random stuff, he sent me a link to the Arabic dub of Where's God When I'm S-Scared?

EDIT 100: (BigRed) We've reached our 100th edit here! =D Say, even though the Arabic dub of Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space was deleted from YouTube, all I found are some songs from the Arabic dub that were recorded with a camera as follows:

Also, that Arabic dub of Where's God When I'm S-Scared? above is the second version, not the original. This gives me proof that the show in Arabic was dubbed like, two times like all the other dubs.

EDIT 100.5: (BigRed) I think I must've messed myself up right there with what I meant. That Arabic dub of Where's God When I'm S-Scared? (which BoyInCharge55 linked above) is actually the original. It's just that the visuals from the 1998 theme song were plastered over the original, the usual foreign Silly Song title card from other dubs was plastered over the original title card during the beginning of the Water Buffalo Song, and the Arabic VeggieTales logo from the theme song was plastered over the black screen during the opening for Daniel and the Lions' Den. However, I forgot to point out that the closing credits as well as the last bit of the closing countertop (where Bob and Larry sign off with their "God Made You Special..." line) are cut off.

On the other hand, I reconstructed the original visuals for the Arabic dub of Where's God and uploaded it here.

EDIT 101: LATE POST-- I also found an Indonesian dub of Madame Blueberry, but it's only the first half of the episode.

EDIT 102: (Jonathan Teka): BIC55 posted the German dub of The Ballad of Little Joe.

I also found the Norwegian dub of Moe and the Big Exit.

EDIT 102.5: (BigRed) I posted the Norwegian dub of Moe to YouTube as well.

EDIT 103: (BIC55) I found another website that claims to have the Czech dub of Jonah. Please note that the movie will not play using Safari on iOS.

Click here to watch the movie.

EDIT 104: Jonathan Teka here. I found the Arabic dub of Larry-Boy! & the Fib from Outer Space!. BigRedMonster86 and BoyInCharge55, if you're reading this, download it to your hard drives!

EDIT 104.5: (BIC55) I noticed that this video is a reupload of the original version (with the 1990s logo) that got deleted years ago. BigRedMonster86, you will be proud upon noticing this.

EDIT 104.25: (BigRed) YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! I knew someone had the RARE original Arabic dub of Fib backed up! I'm got this and Dave (both in Arabic) backed up on my channel along with the Arabic dub of Where's God When I'm Scared?. ;)

BTW I need to point out that the Arabic video of Where's God When I'm Scared? has the ending (where Bob signs off) cut off. In addition, Lyle in Arabic has a major portion of the countertop intro cut off, too.

EDIT 105(Thesonicfan106/Vanna The Hedgehog) I have used BigRedFurryMonster/CrimbaldoGrimebaum/Nebbaknezzerfan228's Where's god when im scared video to upload the theme song.

EDIT 105.5(Thesonicfan106/VTH) I used Word of arabic cartoon's arabic dub of dave and the giant pickle and the theme song from the lyle and the kindly viking dubbed uploaded by songs4christians to make an a dave and the giant pickle arabic dub with the uncutted theme song.

EDIT 105.25: (BigRed) Actually that Arabic dub of Dave was originally from another user by the name of "world of arabic cartoon", not me. Also, that Arabic dub of Where's God When I'm Scared actually came from Ramez Reda, not me.

EDIT 105.75(Thesonicfan106/VTH) Oh yeah. What he said.

EDIT 106(Thesonicfan106/VTH) Okay this may be surprising but i was looking up the latin spanish dub of god wants me to forgive them youtube when i found these:



Its the same episode but different. Like the alt. version of Where's God When I'm S-Scared, the voices were correctly pitched and fixed. So, as it turns out theres an alt. version of God Wants me to forgive them. The countertops and the end credits were all I could find for now. I'm hoping some can get the full RIP of this. :)

EDIT 107: (BigRed) I made a playlist of VeggieTales Arabic dubs we got altogether. I backed up extra copies of each one in case anything from former uploaders get bammed down. Now the only three remaining Arabic dubs are:

  • Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed
  • King George and the Ducky
  • Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen

If you wanna get the three remaining Arabic episodes, you can buy the DVDs for them here.

EDIT 108: (BigRed) BoyInCharge55 posted the aforementioned alternate VHS of God Wants Me to Forgive Them?!? on YouTube. Also, sorry if this is a late post, but he also sent me the video for the alternate VHS of Where's God When I'm S-Scared? which I posted as well.

EDIT 108: On this site, I found Indonesian DVD Covers of VeggieTales episodes, but they turned out to be in English text, with the exception of the Lessons.

All these Indonesian DVDs are out of stock, unfortunately. ;(

EDIT 109: Reisen til HaHa-land (The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's) is on På Sporet.

EDIT 110:(Thesonicfan106/VTH) Awesome news! Thanks To BigRedMonster86's Mega.nz Downloads of the other chinese dub or should i say the Simpified Chinese dub, I was Able to upload most of them on youtube! The Jonah One Provides a Google drive link! 😊

Here's the playlist for it

Oh yea and a one more thing:

The Simpified Chinese dub of Where's God When I'm Scared Remains Lost for now until it can be found.

Thats all for now!


EDIT 111: (BigRed) Whew! Good god the Youku link to the simplified Mandarin Chinese dub of Where's God is working now...

EDIT 112: (BIC55) Tomat Sawyer & Huckleberry Snurkens redningsaksjon på Mississippi!

EDIT 112.5: I know this is one day late, but BigRedMonster86 posted the episode I linked above on YouTube.

EDIT 113: (Jonathan Teka) I found the Norwegian dub of LarryBoy and the Bad Apple.

EDIT 113.5: (BoyInCharge55) I wanted you to know that På Sporet places this episode after Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue for some reason.

EDIT 113.25: That episode is now on YouTube (this is 2 days late)!

EDIT 114: About noon in EST today, BigRedMonster86 downloaded the Czech dub of Jonah!

EDIT 114.5: (BigRed) I need to inform you guys that the video for the Czech dub of Jonah I downloaded is incomplete, it's missing the last 25 minutes. I posted it to Vimeo.

EDIT 115: (BoyInCharge55) Minnesota Luke og jakten på Noas paraply!

EDIT 115.5: (BigRed) And on YouTube!

EDIT 116: (BoyInCharge55) Sankt Nikolas om hvordan man gir med glede!


EDIT 117: (BoyInCharge55) I found the European Portuguese dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. In order to download it, you have to create an account and like the thread. Download each individual file and then rip one (getting you the whole thing) or else it will ask you to get another part.

EDIT 117.5: I almost forgot something. When you download each RAR file, it will ask you for a password. The password to view each file is goldtuganime.biz.

EDIT 118: Pistasjio!

EDIT 118.5: (BigRed) And on YouTube! Lemme make note that BIC55 originally recorded this but didn't get to record the entire thing. I recorded the full episode and got it up. ;)

EDIT 72.5: (BigRed) The Japanese dub of that Pirates movie is back up and will be available on there until December 31. https://pc.video.dmkt-sp.jp/ti/10018525

If anyone who knows Japanese is here, please act now and register, record the movie and upload it on Vimeo.

EDIT 119: And now, I have won an auction for the impossibly rare... (drumroll) JAPANESE DUB! God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?! and Are You My Neighbor?

EDIT 120: (BigRed) Hang in there for the Japanese dubs. In the meantime, I'm gonna record and upload the Norwegian dubs of Princess and the Popstar and The Little Drummer Boy.

EDIT 120.5: Prinsessen og popstjernen & Den lille trommegutten

EDIT 121: BIC55 sent me a clip of God Wants Me to Forgive Them?!? in Farsi.

EDIT 122: I found a promo for the Persian dub of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything movie. Can't get the full movie in Persian, though. ;(

EDIT 123: I also found a portion of the Persian dub of Lyle the Kindly Viking on this site. I posted it on YouTube as well.

EDIT 124: While BIC55 sends his VCR in for repair before digitizing the two Japanese tapes, here's a batch of sneak peek clips of both Japanese episodes as well as the REAL Japanese show intro that I have uploaded via BIC55. I have added in The Peach from IRS' TUSSCD DVD rip of the Japanese Hairbrush Song as well. Stay tuned for the full tapes! ;)

EDIT 124.5: The full episode of God Wants Me to Forgive Them?!? in Japanese will premiere on YouTube tonight. So keep an eye out for it. For now, it will be a cam recording for said reason above. An HQ version will be coming soon.

EDIT 124.25: The full episode of Are You My Neighbor? in Japanese will premiere tonight as well. That will be the only other Japanese tape surviving for now. As stated above, it will only be in cam quality for said reason above.

EDIT 125: SuperOnion64 said he downloaded the Japanese dub of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything movie, but who knows when he'll upload it to MEGA.

EDIT 126: (SuperOnion64) I somehow have the Croatian dub of The Ballad of Little Joe, I'm uploading it on MEGA right now, I might post it on my YT.

EDIT 127: (BigRedMonster) I've uploaded the Persian dub of Esther to YouTube.

EDIT 128: BIC55 sent me the German dub of that Pirates movie in 4 parts. I compiled it together and uploaded it here on Vimeo.

EDIT 129: (RugmanDuck) We have discovered that God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!'s JP dub was made in 1998. Interesting fact.

EDIT 130: (Thesonicfan106) So I have discovered that there was a 2010 arabic dub of veggietales. The only episode that was found but was incomplete was The Little Drummer Boy. There was a clip of it as well.

Theme song

The Little drummer boy(incomplete)

The little drummer boy(song clip)

EDIT 131: (BigRed) Chi uploaded the Slovenian dub of Jonah to YouTube.

EDIT 132: (BigRed) I got 3 Arabic VeggieTales DVDs: "Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed", "Rack, Shack and Benny" and "Josh and the Big Wall!" (though for the 3rd Arabic DVD I intended to get "The Toy That Saved Christmas" but they sent Josh by mistake). I have uploaded the Arabic dub of Rumor Weed to YouTube.

EDIT 133: While I was searching for Arabic VeggieTales videos on YouTube, I came across a clip from a Bangla/Bengali dub of King George and the Ducky.

EDIT 134: (VTH/TheSonicFan106) A Youtuber by the name of TheLoon has set a premeire for...

wait for it...

*Insert drumroll*




EDIT 135: (BigRed) BoyInCharge55 found and sent me the links to King George and the Ducky in Arabic, split in two parts. This was recorded off of SAT-7 Kids, and oddly, it has the 1994 theme song using montage from various new and old episodes (WOAH, it's like a cross between the 1994 and 2010 theme songs!).

EDIT 136: (BoyInCharge55) I'm premiering Jonah in Lithuanian! This is part 1.

EDIT 136.5: Part 2!

EDIT 137: (BigRed) MrLunch has the full Greek dub of the Jonah movie backed up on his harddrive! He sent me all four parts, I combined it, and got it uploaded as a whole on Vimeo.

EDIT 138: (BoyInCharge55) Mr. Lunch found Wieloryb i piraci and Warzywne Opowieści: Piraci, którzy nic nie robią on Chomikuj!

EDIT 139: Lu9 claims to have 3 audio commentaries dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese and even some of the uncut episodes that were dubbed by Audio News.

EDIT 140: (BigRedMonster86) På Sporet moved their site to here. Jonathan Teka and BoyInCharge55 found Robin Good in Norwegian. I downloaded it with a Flash Video Downloader plugin for Chrome, and premiered it on my channel here.

EDIT 141: Lu9 found the original 1996 Brazilian dub of Are You My Neighbor? on a CD that his dad owns. He has uploaded it here on YouTube.

EDIT 142: (Zachary dykeman) I uploaded the German dub of ”Minnesota Cuke” 2 weeks ago. Check it out:


EDIT 143: (BigRedMonster) BIC55 gave me the link to the Norwegian dub of the Larry-Boy Cartoon Adventures "The Angry Eyebrows" in Norwegian! Premieres on my YouTube at 6:00pm. ;)

EDIT 144: (BIC55) Mr. Lunch has 4 parts of Jonah in Greek. On another note, I also ordered Vol. 1 of the main show in Greek from CLC Bookstore Cyprus and will be uploading both episodes from it as soon as possible.

EDIT 145: (BigRedMonster) Sorry if this is late, but BIC55 uploaded the Greek dub of WGWIS to YouTube last week and premiered an Arabic dub of the Larry-Boy Cartoon Series episode "Leggo My Ego" (recorded by MrLunch) on YouTube a few days ago. Today, I have premiered the Arabic dub of Esther, hence finally completing our collection of the first two Arabic dubs.

EDIT 146: (BigRedMonster) Veggies in Space: Fennel Frontier (Norwegian) will be premiered on YouTube.

EDIT 147: (BIC55) Mr. Lunch's friend LeonEngine (who lives in Finland) has the first 4 episodes of Popsikkaat. They are awaiting release and will be uploaded to BigRedMonster86's YouTube.

EDIT 147.5: (BigRedMonster) WGWIS?, GWMTFT!?!, AYMN?, RS&B and KG&TDG will all be premiered on YouTube in Finnish.

Edit 148: (VTH) Here's a few updates on a few dubs. First, the Arabic dub of VeggieTales. Our friend Mr Lunch had found arabic dubs of the following episodes:

An Easter Carol

Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush and Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler.

Second, 3-2-1 Penguins. A finnish dub of 3-2-1 Penguins has been found thanks to Mr Lunch's friend LeonEngine!

And That's all.

Well. For now...

EDIT 148.5: (VTH) An Easter Carol in Arabic had been uploaded to YouTube by our good old friend, Mr. Lunch! 😀

EDIT 149: (VTH) Remember that petition a good friend of mine started about having Jonah dubbed in Japanese? Well, It actually happened! TheLoon has uploaded a rare japanese dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie on YouTube!


Not only but a rare Hindi Dub of Jonah has been found! But the video that TheLoon uploaded is off sync. But not to worry, he plans on reuploading it with the audio resynced!

Here's the video. For now


EDIT 150:

i found the bvi dvd dub of are you my neighbor, afaik both parts of that episode where dubbed for tv (being "the gourds must gonna be crazy" a standlone episode and "the story of flibber-o-loo" a combined episode with "babysitter in denile"), but i never knew that it was dubbed for dvd, i only knew that dave was dubbed for dvd, are you my neighbor's redub cover is lost , i will upload the clip to my drive and also i'm doing a reconstruction

the clip:


also i found a clip of  "a snoodle's tale" (also dubbed for tv), but is only the countertop and "dr jiggle and mr sly", like are you my neighbor, i never knew that it was dubbed for dvd.

the clip:


the hcjb-televozandes dub of larryboy and the bad apple, it was dubbed for tv originally, but i found a dvd release (i know that is the dvd release because it haves the countertop scenes):


the bvi dub of "endangered love", i never knew that this song was dubbed, it also haves a watermark of his original uploader, abraham gaeta

the song:


EDIT 150.5

LarryBoy and the Bad Apple wasn't broadcasted on TV

EDIT 151 (SailorLarryBoy): I created a new channel for VeggieTales and Sailor Moon stuff, my first upload was the BVI (Miami) Spanish dub of The Hairbrush Song.

The Haibrush Song (BVI Dub)(Miami):


EDIT 152: (BigRedMonster) Sorry if I'm late... I forgot that we have the official alternate foreign cut of "Sumo of the Opera" from its Norwegian dub. Also, I posted a reconstruction of the BVI dub of Are You My Neighbor? using the aforementioned sources that SailorLarryBoy pointed out above.

EDIT 153: (21EvanED155508) I found Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie Hungarian version in high quality

EDIT 154: (21EvanED155508) I found the subtitled version of Jonah in Taiwanese Mandarin


But sadly it's only the scene where the pirates blast Kahil when he was in the bowling ball.

EDIT 155: (SailorLarryBoy) I have been waitng for this a long time ago!



Sadly, is only "Going Up" and some scenes of the countertop, by the way, we can finally hear how Lutfi's voice sounded in this dub.

EDIT 156: Sorry if this is late... I just reconstructed the Japanese dubs of GWMTFT and AYMN in HQ using the better-quality video captures BIC55 sent me.


I posted the actual VHS rips on Vimeo as well.

EDIT 157: I JUST FOUND A Taiwanese dub of Esther: The Girl who Became Queen.


EDIT 158: I also found the Russian voiceover of Jonah on this website! https://m.ok.ru/dk?st.cmd=movieLayer&st.discId=39696337492&st.retLoc=friend&st.rtu=%2Fdk%3Fst.cmd%3DfriendMovies%26st.mode%3Down%26st.mrkId%3D%257B%2522uploadedMovieMarker%2522%253A%257B%2522marker%2522%253A%25221454147669846%2522%252C%2522hasMore%2522%253Atrue%257D%252C%2522sharedMovieMarker%2522%253A%257B%2522marker%2522%253Anull%252C%2522hasMore%2522%253Afalse%257D%257D%26st.friendId%3D554755737684%26st.frwd%3Don%26st.page%3D1%26_prevCmd%3DfriendMovies%26tkn%3D2069&st.discType=MOVIE&st.mvId=39696337492&_prevCmd=friendMovies&tkn=9471#

EDIT 159: Latin Spanish Dub of Esther. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5cvAT_qDkA

EDIT 160: This is not VeggieTales but...

I found the Castillian Spanish Dub of VeggieTales in the House!

EDIT 161: I found the full movie of the Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie in the Lithuanian voiceover!


EDIT 162: Good news Brazilians, (Of North Americans too) some songs from Os Vegetais has been found unfortunately not the full episodes however here are the links to the songs

[3]I want to Dance

[4]God is Bigger

[5]Oh No!

[6]Look Olaf

if anyone has the full episodes exclusive to SBT, please let us know!

EDIT 162.5: Good news, Mr. Lunch received full SBT-exclusive episodes from Canal TV Entretenimento and uploaded the following episodes:

He will be uploading Lyle and Snoodle's Tale soon.

EDIT 163: I FINALLY FOUND THE PERSIAN DUB OF THE JONAH MOVIE!!!!! http://minitoons.ir/p/28274

EDIT 163.5: You gotta register to download it

EDIT 164: Bad news is Nebba left YouTube and deleted all His videos but the Good news is that the Norwegian Episodes so far are on [7]Archive.Org here

PS. If anyone knows about Veggie Tales Norwegian DVD’s being on sale, please let us know

EDIT 165: Hey guys, last night the Arabic dub of A Snoodle's Tale aired on SAT7Kids, it'll premiere on YouTube at 8:00PM [8]Tonight

EDIT 166: Hey Guys, 3 full Veggie Tales episodes in Ecuadorian were found (along with their Countertop scenes)

[9]Are you my Neighbor?

[10]Esther The Girl Who Became Queen

[11]A Snoodle’s Tale

we still have other episodes yet to be recovered in Ecuadorian, please let us know if you have any episodes uncut in Ecuadorian

EDIT 167: (Sailor LarryBoy) Duke and the Great Pie War (Miami Dub), altrough the audio is unsynched, I'm going to Synch the audio, here's the video, for now.

EDIT 168: The Japanese dub of Rack, Shack, of Benny has been found!

EDIT 169: just posted the [12]Arabic Dub Of Duke and the great Pie war

EDIT 170: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple in Latin Spanish is finally fully found!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjJp9Sbo5uM

EDIT 171: Just as you wished for it, Joseph Family finally uploaded the Japanese dub of The Toy That Saved Christmas. Oddly, the VHS capture lengths up to one hour past the end of the tape (don't get panicked now, the TTTSC Japanese tape is already complete) and has a rewind of the Japanese dub of Rack, Shack & Benny towards the very end of the capture. Now all we need left of the Japanese dub as far as I know are "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?" and "Dave and the Giant Pickle" along with the possible Japanese dubs of Fib and Lyle, I think.

EDIT 172: A while back, BIC55 provided me this link for where the Hungarian veggie Tales episodes are in:

https://nava.hu/id/60916/ but, you'd have to register in order to see the full episodes

EDIT 173: I found full episodes of the other Persian-dubbed episodes. You'd have to register or buy the eps to watch the full versions. https://www.aparat.com/m/6oLrx

EDIT 174 Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler (Latin Spanish Ecuadorian Dub)

EDIT 175 Welp folks, Sumo of the Opera (uncut in Spanish) was finally found

EDIT 176: I found a clip of the Russian Dub Of The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Movie [13]

EDIT 177: There is a Vietnamese dub of Jonah, Very Sadly the songs are not dubbed. [13]

EDIT 178: (BigRedMonster86) According to Rare & Obscure Home Media Releases on Twitter, Where's God When I'm S-Scared? was on YouTube in Japanese for a bit in August this year (the video title was "VeggieTales Wheres God When I’m Scared (Japanese Dub)"), but it got taken down. Only time will tell if someone has a backup of the episode's Japanese dub saved on their desktop.

EDIT 178.5: (BigRedMonster86) I might've seen the video on YouTube once. From what Rare & Obscure Home Media Releases described about it, he and I confirm the Japanese WGWIS video we just mentioned turned out to be a fandub, as its source for audio and visuals is by fan channels on YouTube and other illegal streaming sites, which is not in the actual Japanese dub of the episode. The Japanese dub of WGWIS does NOT have Bob sounding off from the rest of the episodes (given by the theme song appearing in each episode), and the original 1993 visuals were NEVER used in any dub due to that version of the episode being lost/overwritten before the episode was reprinted in 1994 (whose master has been used in all 90s dubs), and as with any 90s dub of the show, I believe WGWIS in Japanese uses the same textless visuals from the Latin Spanish dub like the rest of the episodes.

EDIT 179: Someone bought a Japanese tape of Dave and the Giant Pickle and uploaded it to YouTube, leaving Where's God When I'm Scared as the only missing episode.

EDIT 180: (BigRedMonster86) I recovered all the Norwegian episodes I previously lost, by having recorded them from Visjon Norge's livestreams and also with the help of backups from some VT fan uploaders, thus finally completing my collection of Norwegian VT and LBTCA episodes. https://archive.org/details/veggietalesnorwegiandub


Romanian (VeggieTales in the House)

  • The dub is lost

Only a couple of promos are found.[14]

EDIT 179: I ACTUALLY FOUND A ROMANIAN DUB OF The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything by MINIMAX!

"Piratii care nu fac nimic"

This is a trailer!!!!

EDIT 180: There's also suppose to be a Bulgarian dub of the movie, It looks like you have to register in order to watch or download


EDIT 181: Here is the Ukrainian voice-over of TPWDOA on archive: https://archive.org/details/20200515_20200515_2124

EDIT 182: I came across a Bengali dub of Jonah which happened was dub around October 2020, it's on this Facebook page