The intro dubbed in spanish, also this video was to promote veggietales products in a Christian store called LIBRERÍA REFLEXIONES

A spanish dub of the TV version of Veggietales was done in 2006, and it was aired on the spanish Qubo block on Telemundo and TeleXitos, this dub uses the same cast of the 2nd latin spanish dub of VeggieTales, that was made on Ecuador by HCJB - Televozandes and in Miami by BVI Communications, Inc. from 2006-2008, the same that did the spanish dubs of 3-2-1 Penguins! and Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures.

There's a lot of episodes of the original version of VeggieTales that were not dubbed into Spanish, but their TV versions there were (like King George and the Ducky or Madame Blueberry). However, there's a bunch of episodes of the spanish dub of the TV version that are missing.

Episodes that Were Aired on Telemundo and TeleXitos

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