Very important house is an animated pilot created by Jhonen Vasquez (Creator of Invader Zim) and Jenny Goldberg (Character design for Star VS the Forces of Evil and Rick & Morty) in 2016 for Disney XD. Disney XD ultimately did not pick up the pilot and only a few clips have surfaced ever since.


After Jhonen finished work on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja and Jenny finished on Star VS the Forces of Evil the two started developing a pitch for an animated series on Disney XD. The pilot was in development for four years and was rejected in 2016. Jhonen stated in a now deleted blog post "Very important house didn't gel with the current direction of Disney XD.


While never officially released by Disney prior to being turned down animation studioTitmouse featured some footage in a sizzle reel in 2016.

Post rejection several brief clips have surfaced were posted by Jhonen Vasquez on his vine account and later reuploaded to YouTube. Jhonen Vasquez also shared an animatic featuring a montage sequence.

On June 14th 2019 Jhonen Vasquez post another fully animated clip to his Twitter.


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Titmouse style reel-

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