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Victoria Duffield is a Canadian award-winning singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress. Being a top 6 finalist on the Canadian TV show The Next Star, she has since signed to Warner Music Canada and has released two full-length albums to date: Shut Up and Dance (2012) and Accelerate (2014). After leaving Warner Music Canada, she is planning to independently release a new album, Day Won, on February 12, 2019.


Up tonight (Live) - Victoria Duffield

One of the many YouTube videos of a live performance of the song. Despite the mistitling, this video is notable as its the only one to date that has the song in its entirety.

Shortly after the release of her hit single (and title track to the then-future album) "Shut Up and Dance", in 2011 and 2012, Victoria Duffield performed the song "Alone Tonight" live various times. According to the SOCAN public repertoire, the song itself was co-written by Duffield, Ryan Stewart, and Andrew Allen. Given Stewart's involvement on a majority of the album and the overall feel of the song, the song was thought to be an unreleased B-Side to her debut album Shut Up and Dance that was dropped from the final tracklisting, but Victoria herself stated that it was just a performing song for her. As a result, any studio recordings or demos will likely remain unreleased. However, the song itself survives in several YouTube videos uploaded by fans from her various live performances.



Victoria Duffield celebration square 2011 Live


Victoria Duffield celebration square live 2011


Victoria Duffield - Take me - Concert

Another mistitled video


Victoria Duffield - Alone Tonight - Live at the Calgary Stampede

2018 Interview Response

On March 5, 2018, during a fan live stream on Instagram, a fan asked Victoria about the song. Her response, as seen in the video below, is as follows:

That's [referring to "Alone Tonight"] a song that I loved incorporating in my shows back at that time, and that's what the song was. It became a performing song for me. You just can't get it anywhere.


Victoria Duffield on "What happened to 'Alone Tonight'?"