Video Killed the Radio Star was the debut single for the British new wave band, The Buggles, it was featured on their first album, The Age of Plastic. Their music video for the single was directed by Russell Mulcahy. But there is something about the music video's appearance.

Music Video Summary

The video starts with a girl sitting in front of a radio. A black-and-white shot of Trevor Horn singing into a radio-era microphone is altered over the girl by the radio. The radio blows up by the time of the first chorus, and then in the second verse, she is seen transported into the future, where she meets Horn and a silver-jumpsuited female in a clear plastic tube. Shots of Horn and Geoff Downes are shown during the remainder of the video.


The music video and song were so successful, while Hans Zimmer, in 2001, said that the video drew criticism due to him thinking that it was "too violent because we blew up a television".

How it Was Lost & Found


The Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star (Subtitulado Esp.+ Lyrics) Oficial

The found music video with English and Spanish subtitles edited in.

After it aired on MTV on the day of it's launch and the launch of MTV Classic in the UK, it was never released online... Until 4 years ago, February 1! On that day, Mexican YouTuber, MASmusik100 found the regular English version of the video and decided he should upload the video on YouTube with English (White) and Spanish (Blue) subtitles.

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