On May 23rd 2005, Virtual Magic Kingdom's doors were open to the public by Disney. Originally, VMK was a game for families and friends to explore the Magic Kingdom digitally without even going to the Florida theme park and it was a celebration for Disney's 50th anniversary. However, the game grew into a huge success with over 15,000 people playing it daily. You could ride attractions, explore around the park, buy costumes and clothes for your avatar, and meet people from around the world. However, the game originally was supposed to be taken down after the anniversary was over. Most Disney employees had to constantly monitor the site due to players using profanity and inapropriate gestures. On May 21st, 2008, VMK officially closed its doors to the public. Rumors circulated and lingered across the Internet over the years that VMK would be returning. However, Disney confirmed after its closing that they have no other plans to reopen it. Over the years, bootlegs and knock-offs were and still are making their rounds across the web. However, Disney's Club Penguin may be one other reason why VMK closed as well. Several screenshots are available with one Google search, so goes for old gameplay. However, the original game is considered shelved and lost.

Here's link to the news report of its closing:


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