This show follows characters with televisions in their stomachs where they watch real kids stories. The show was insanely popular and the first show ever to air on CBeebies. To make it short as possible, Teletubbies was a really big deal. Anything in time is bound to be ripped off. NBeebies, NBC’s preschool television channel, produced and aired a canadian children’s show called VisionVookies. VisionVookies was a bootleg copy of Teletubbies.


NBeebies promoted a Canadian brand of milk called VisionVookies and did a commercial for it. They even produced a show about it. Aliyah, Connie, Santiago, and Fredia were the names of the VisionVookies who had televisions on their stomachs where they watched real kids stories.

The only known full episode found on YouTube was called City Bus. The NBeebies website has descriptions of all 36 episodes of the series but are no longer available. Only quick clips are shown in YouTube.

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