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before i get to the point, i just want to say that in my opinion, vore was a mistake, so if this gets deleted, then i won't even care. Now to the point

voracious chara was a channel, that uploaded vore, i remember almost all of the videos. One day, all of the videos got deleted, and i don't know why i guess the user quited. Only one video has been found, and it's most likely that the other videos will never be found. The channel still exists, but the videos don't. Every vore video was just a still image, while some stomach noises play in the background, the only video that wasn't like this was the last two videos uploaded, they were just about a mod voracious chara made for Mugen, the mod was a Timmy vore mod, where you can play as Timmy and vore someone

the channel

update: someone repoladed another video


Different genocide run... ( frisk POV-vore Audio)

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