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Two Animals that is different than the penguins. Lily the Lemur wants her tap shoes and put these on. Lily the Lemur is so excited about her birthday.

Filming Date

December 2002 in Jim Henson Company Lot

Air Date

January 1, 2004




  • Opening
  • That's Amazing: Baby Sifaka Lemurs Taking A Ride
  • Guest: Guffrey the Vulture
  • Baby Talk: Baby Lemurs are Fun
  • Song: Stayin' Alive
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks badger a question
  • Yves St. La Roach
  • Guest: Lily the Lemur
  • the Lemur
  • Song: Lily sing Beauty Lemur'"
  • Animal Awards
  • Story
  • Habitat Time
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks baboon a question
  • Closing


  • Dave Goelz as Stinky the Skunk
  • Steve Whitmire as Jake the Polar Bear
  • Emma Tate as Lily the Lemur
  • Madeline Sheldon as baboon
  • Tom Hank As badger, Guffrey the Vulture
  • John Ecclesston as Yves St. La Roach



That's Amazing

Guest: Guffrey the Vulture

Jake the Polar Bear: Guess Who's Back

Guest: Victoria the Lemur