Włatcy Móch

Włatcy Móch (English: Lords of the Flies) is a Polish adult animated comedy series, which aired on TV4, Comedy Central, and MTV in Poland from November 2006 until December 2011. The title is a misspelled version of "Władcy much" meaning "The Lords of Flies" and derives from William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies. The plot of the story revolves around four 8-year-old boys in the second grade of elementary school: Anusiak, Konieczko, Maślana and Czesio. The show has a total of 127 regular and 2 special episodes. There is also a feature movie. The show won the 2008 Świry Award in the category "TV Series".

Some sources list an English dub of the show existing, but this is unconfirmed. if one does exist, it's most likely lost or rare as we don't know what's called nor do we know what channel it aired on.

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