Lost Media Archive

in the 1995-2005 WAM! Had Next Bumper And Tonight Bumpers For Shows And Movies that Aired on WAM! America's KIDZ Network And Movie Plex.

Shows That Aired on WAM!/Movie Plex

Wild Kat

Sky Trackers

The Tribe


Get Reel

Caught in the Middle

Swiss Family Robinson

Weird Science

The Odyssey

The Wayne Manifesto

To The Max

Emily of New Moon


Legends of the Hidden City

How 2


Our Hero

Breaker High

Art Attack(Mind Zone)

Spill Your Guts(OH! Zone)

Interstitials that Aired on WAM!

WAM! at the Movies


Mind Zone (School Days)

OH! Zone (Weekdays)

End Zone (Weekends)

Morning Movie Magic (Movie Block)

Winter Wonder WAM! (Movie Block)

Summer Dance Party (Movie Block)

HANGIN' With Friends (Movie Block)

Date @ 8(Movie Block)

Summer ANIMANIA(Movie Block)

WAM!'s Shred Fest(Movie Block)

WAM! Goes Global

WAM! Cam

STARZ! Super Pak

In 1995 WAM! Has Launched with The Action Channel And the True Stories Channel. While that's Extinct from now on, WAM! Featured commercial free kids programming with no R Rated Programming Ever. The OH! Zone Started at 3 O' Clock ever Monday Thru Friday With Shows like Wild Kat, Thunderstone, Spill Your Guts, and others. WAM! Had Commercial Free Movies as well without ever an R-Rated program EVER!

WAM! Was one of the multiplex Channels in the STARZ!/Encore Multiplex/ STARZ! Super Pak. WAM! Aired Commercial Free Kids Movies and Shows, While STARZ! Family Aired Family movies. Compared to That The OH! Zone Next Bumpers involved a Jump Rope, A Girl in a Yellow Shirt and more.