On January 29, 1979, CBS aired "The Contest Nobody Could Win", the 11th episode of WKRP in Cincinnati. The episode centers around Dr. Johnny Fever (Howard Hesseman) accidentally announcing a contest prize as $5,000 instead of $50.00, with the station hatching a plan to make the contest unwinnable: Cut together a medley of six unrecognizable snippets of different songs. However, con man Don Pesola (Vincent Schiavelli) gets the songs right, and takes the prize, leaving WKRP with no contest money.

Interestingly, an alternate ending to the episode exists, with John Wheeler playing Pesola and Johnny Fever making no effort to get the money back like he did in the better-known ending. For years, this ending went previously unknown due to syndicated repeats and the infamous 2007 DVD release of the first season opting for the regular ending until Shout! Factory, when compiling the 2014 complete-series DVD box set, found this ending and included it in their print of the episode. The different ending puzzled many who bought the set until the blog WKRP Revisited provided an explanation when it got around to "The Contest Nobody Could Win".

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