Wake Up Jeff! (Rare Promo) - The Wiggles

The Wiggles Original Wake Up Jeff! Promo

On August 12,1996, The Wiggles released their fourth video all about waking up Jeff through The Wiggles songs. The video was filmed on the same year that the album was released.

However, before all of this, there was an original version. This video was originally quite different as seen in a rare promo. The Wiggles wore T-shirts, shorts, and colored sneakers, and the songs were performed on different sets. Additionally, Henry's original costume was used as it was on the cover. It's possible The Wiggles decided to reshoot the video after not liking their new look, and decided to go back to the old one.

It is unknown if it was going to have any more or less songs than the released version, as all we see in the trailer are short clips from "Everybody is Clever", "Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song)", "Wake Up Jeff!", and "Dorothy (Would You Like to Dance?)". It's possible that at the time, these four songs were all they had filmed before re-shooting the video, but there is no evidence supporting or denying this. A trailer for Wake Up Jeff! was first shown on some 1996 copies of Big Red Car. It's also unknown if anybody still has a copy of the original, on this very day.

UPDATE OCTOBER 23, 2016: Australian Elizabeth Shaw found a copy from one of the original clips, "Dorothy (Would You Like to Dance?)". Uploaded to YouTube by Daniel Celano (also known as ThomasandFriendsLover)

UPDATE NOVEMBER 25, 2016: WigglsesFan82 uploaded the original "Wake Up Jeff" song to YouTube.



The Wiggles - Wake Up Jeff! (Original 1996 Music Video)


Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance With Me?) Rare 1996 Music Video

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