-HD- Trilogy of Life- Walking with Dinosaurs Pilot (2005)

Sample of Pilot (0:00 to 1:33)

The pilot for the 1999 miniseries Walking with Dinosaurs was a six minute long proof-of-concept work for the potential networks airing it, directed by series creator Tim Haines. It was filmed in Cyprus, and focused on the fauna of the Oxford Clay formation. It features (in order of appearance) the pterosaur Scaphognathus, the marine Liopleurodon, the theropod Eustreptospondylus, and the sauropod Cetiosaurus[1]. The setting and some of the fauna were later revisited in the full series' Cruel Sea. Its unknown if there are additional creatures in it yet to be revealed, though the apparent short runtime makes this unlikely.

The pilot has so far not been released in full, though a fraction of it was featured in the DVD release of Walking with Monsters, specifically on a making-of feature.


  1. Out of the lineup, only Liopleurodon and Eustreptospondylus made it to the final series; Scaphognathus was replaced by Rhamphorhynchus and Cetiosaurus was cut out entirely.

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