Walter Melon (Achille Talon in the original version) is the main character of a French comic-book series, which the 1990s cartoon series is more or less adapted from, even if they never used any of the stories. In the comic books. Walter Melon is never shown as a "hero-for-hire" and is clearly presented as acting as a comic character, another example of a popular running gag in comics where the character breaks the fourth wall and tells the reader that he lives in a comic-book universe. He was created during the '60s by Michel Greg, and even had his own magazine from 1975-76. Also, while the first collections mainly featured one-or-two-page gags, he also had full-blown, 48-page adventures.

The following is a list of his missing comics.

Walter Melon —Publicity for France Telecom

Some years ago, Greg did some Walter Melon gags for marketing publicity, notably for the French telephone and television company France Telecom. Sadly, these pages were never added to the normal albums, but aren't lost forever, as the pages have been found recently.

Walter Melon and the Oness-hup-Honat-ime Island (Missing Pages)

Before his death in 1999, Greg started L'Île Aytaytt-Hunnfoa (The Oness-hup-Honat-Ime island), in which Walter involunteerely inherits an island in South Pacific. Sadly, he only did the first 15 or so pages, and the authors that continued the series never finished it. 8 pages (the only ones the editor actually owned) were published in black and white in the comic book Achille Talon: Le Maître est Talon. Also, a pirated edition existed around 1993, evidenced by the fact that it had been able to be bought on at one point (île-Aytaytt-Hunnfoa-Greg/dp/2205040472). 

Years after Michel Greg's death, a fan retrieved pages 9-11 and uploaded 10 and 11 to the Internet.

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