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We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story was released in 1993 and is based on a short children's book. It's the second 2D animated dinosaur related movie that Steven Spielberg was associated with and, like Don Bluth's The Land Before Time, was cut to be more child friendly.

Unlike The Land Before Time, there was only a single scene trimmed from the movie, as it was deemed "too intense", but it does impact the flow of the movie. As seen in the restoration below, the scene focused on the villain, Dr. Screw-Eye, caging the dinosaurs after they agree to take the Brain Drain pills and join his circus.

We're Back a Dinosaur Story Cage Scene(slightly restored)

We're Back a Dinosaur Story Cage Scene(slightly restored)

Without the explanation of the crows and how he fears them, the ending scene where the birds gang up on him makes little sense. The scene also gives a slight motive to the villain.

The missing clips of the scene can be easily figured out: the dinosaurs taking the pills and turning monstrous, and further talking from the Doctor. The scene was restored mainly with footage from the original trailer, and it's unlikely that any more of it will be recovered.


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