Weird Video Games: Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball/Softball Tengoku (Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System) is an episode of the ongoing web series Weird Video Games created by Tom "heisanevilgenius" White, where he reviews particularly weird video games from various platforms. The episode, as the title suggests, concerns Dusty Diamond's All Star Softball for the Nintendo Entertainment System (known as Softball Tengoku in Japan). This episode was exclusively uploaded to the now-defunct video platform, and never uploaded to YouTube, since Tom wasn't proud of it. Currently, no copies of it exist on the internet, and the original video has been lost to a hard drive crash.[1]

The video had an overarching plot of Tom's evil twin, who wore a doctor's coat and a head mirror over his eye (and would later make a cameo in the Captain Tomaday review), and cameos from various members of Channel Awesome, including Doug Walker.[2]

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