What Shall We Do Today? was a British UK live action activity series that aired on Playhouse Disney in the early 2010's, presented by James Sherwood & Samantha Pearl (the pair also presented the "Snuggle Time" slot on the channel as well). It debuted in mid 2010 which ran for 5 minutes, but only lasted 1 season. The show featured an array of activities such as arts & crafts, reading, games, dance routines & educational segments; where each episode chose one of the above topics for the day and they would get on with it straightaway. There was also a bedtime version created entitled "Snuggle Time" which featured more laid-back gentle activities, to get the viewers ready for bed including simple songs, bedtime stories and more dance routines. However, when Playhouse Disney renamed to Disney Junior UK on 7th May 2011, only the reading episodes aired for re-runs, meaning all the other activities were quietly vanished; Snuggle Time was also dropped too, I think it was something to do with James & Sam leaving the channel because of the rebrand. The whole show stopped airing altogether in either late 2011 or early 2012, so another lost kids' TV show. The only 3 clips surviving are the stories "Genie's New Home" & "Grandma's Smelly Slippers" alongside the "Jiggle Wiggle" dance from a then-1 year old boy named Ethan; the former 2 were uploaded by the Disney Junior UK YouTube channel.

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