Pneumonia album art.

Pneumonia is alternative country band Whiskeytown's third and final album. The album took a reported 3 years to record, with band squabbles causing a lot of finished songs to be thrown out. Several sources cite that well over 100 tracks got thrown out during the recording sessions. This is one of those works that was killed by its own ambition.

Producers remember the recording sessions of this album as being a giant ego battle between members Ryan Adams (yes, that Ryan Adams) and Caitlin Cary. Adams would pen a song, Cary would try to add her own little "touches" to "make it her own" or vice versa and whole tracks would be thrown out due to heavy disagreements. Due to the high stress and production time/money being put into the project, the band was easily thrown off from Polygram Records when it merged with Universal (yes, the same type of merging that almost doomed the Red House Painters' Old Ramon). To give you an image of how much drama was heated around this album, check out the last few seconds before the hidden track kicks in on the song "Bar Lights". Adams can be heard getting frustrated having broken a string and says "f--- this, I'm going to the bar". That was the best take they could get of the song and for some reason Adams' outburst was left on it.

By the time the album was finally released in 2001, it had been heavily bootlegged and already reviewed. Even Adams had a successful solo career going. As a matter of fact, the album wouldn't have even seen the light of day if it weren't for his solo career because it was used as a way to hold fans over for his 2001 album, Gold. The album featured 15 of the over 100 tracks. While many of the songs from the sessions were bootlegged, a vast majority of them remain lost or unreleased. Adams owns some of the master tapes, Cary owns another handful, a few were wiped for newer tracks, and the record company owns the rest. Adams has tried getting Whiskeytown back together to, at the very least, finish the unreleased songs. Cary has replied several times that it is never going to happen as she and Adams still can't get along.

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