Woozle and Pip (Woezel en Pip) is a Dutch animated series based on a franchise of children’s books created by Guusje Woesthoff-Nederhorst, which centres around two puppies and their adventures in the Magic Garden. In 2014 CAKE bought the international distribution rights and, amongst various other languages, an English dub of the show was produced to air in the UK. 

Despite the show’s fate of not airing in the United Kingdom, the English dub somehow managed to make it to other channels internationally, including JimJam in the Middle East. The show was also available on the Showmax streaming service in the USA, but as of 2019 it has been taken off. The English dub served as the basis of the Irish dub which currently airs on TG4 in Ireland. 

Three episodes are currently available for content buyers and producers to view on CAKE’s website. However the site is not available to the general public. The episode ‘Once Upon a Time’ can be found on the UK Indies app and website. 

It is unknown if the show or franchise will come to the UK at some point despite its popularity in the Netherlands. 

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