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in 1972, Japanese Film Director Shizuo Nakajima Made a short fan film based on the wolfman film series. 


  • Directed by Shizuo Nakajima
  • cinematography by Shizuo Nakajima
  • Cameraman Shizuo Nakajima


  •  ?


the end of Wolfman vs Baragon has been lost the end of there battle. it is unknown who won. many call the ending "The Alternate Ending"

the film fetchers the two famous monsters The Wolfman and Baragon. some time in the production of the film Shizuo Nakajima stopped Rolling the Filming tape for unknown reasons. unfortunately due to this reason, the film ended with images of the battling and the ending was never completed.

during the short-term Production of the film Shizuo Nakajima's film was stopped Being Produced for unnamed reasons (Most likely because of the fact of facing copyright laws with Toho and Universal) but they did do start doing Cinematography on the film while the suit actors playing Wolfman and Baragon wore play there part.

They may have finished the film but we may never be known who won,


Legendary Giant Beast Wolfman appears to be killed by the military but somehow ends up walking through a burning industrial site at the same time as Baragon. The two monsters battle.


Originally planned for Sometime around Tokyo Olympics (now undecided)


Long before Wolfman vs. Godzilla, the Wolfman initially was conceived for this short film, in where the Wolfman sports a radically different design from his 1983 counterpart, looking more like a traditional werewolf, with ripped clothing, less fur and lower budget look. Some scenes were shot of Wolfman and Baragon fighting, but in the end, it was scrapped; with a Godzilla suit soon being made, as well as brand new Wolfman suit and Baragon was soon cut out altogether. The short film itself was never completed.


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