That's Amazing: badgers share burrows.

Guest: Marvin The Wolverine.

Baby Talk: A Wolverine bites a Animal

Song: Michigan is Home.

Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks a Muppet Snake a Question but gets sent down a trapdoor for safety so a Badger can't harm him.

Yevs. St La Roach: Yves Wants to cook a Phenomena of food but he gets Caught up in a song called "Mah Na Mah Na" and has help singing it with "The Snowths."

Guest: Barry The Badger (Note This Badger has a Scottish accent.)

Song: I Love Me Fur.

Animal: Awards: The Most Fiercest Small Animal The Winner is Not The Wolverine The Badger The Grasshopper Mouse or The Stoat it actually the Poisonous Frog The Poison Dart Frog. all those animals that are not the Poison Dart Frog get mad and growl at Armstrong and Bunnie and circle around them.

Story: the Wolverine and Honey Badger finally meet. (note this story doesn't end pretty it ends in FIGHTING!!!)

Habitat Time: Michigan, Indiana, Africa and Australia. (Note there is a little England or sometimes called UK. in it.)

Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks a bird and a Flying Squirrel a question "which of these is frece." then the both get sent down a trapdoor then a Mouse says hi and falls down the trapdoor and then the muppet snake jumps out of the trapdoor and then jumps back in to trap the mouse.

Closing: all the Animals which were used in the episode all come for the finale and all sing "We Are One Big Happy Family" From Episode 26 Lion and Gorilla.


Louise Gold: Rhonda Rat, Bunnie Bear, One of the Snowths, and a Pika.

Katherine Smee: Stoat, Bird, and One of The Snowths.

Steve Whitmire: Jake The Polar Bear, Snake, Mouse, and Grasshopper Mouse.

Dave Golez: Stinky The Skunk.

John Eccleston: Yevs. St. La Roach, Flying Squirrel.

Bill Barretta: Barry The Badger

Peter Linz: Marvin The Beaver and a Poison Dart Frog (and a Racoon but thats Uncredited) .


The Snowths made their First Appearance on The Muppet Show

Barry The Badger was Humphrey The Badger

The Racoon was Rhoda the Raccoon but used as one of the racoons on the Muppet Show.

The Snake was used as Vicki used in Kermit's Swamp Years then Used in Muppet Treasure Island.

"We are one big happy family" was used in season 3.

The Pika Was Used as Pearl the Pika.

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