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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is a 2006 American animated series which was premiered in the US and UK on Nick Jr., in Latin America on Discovery Kids and in Canada on Disney Junior.

However, there was a Brazilian Portuguese dub that aired on Discovery Kids. All the episodes besides 37a and 37b were found in total.

Some of the Songs

Let's Be Quiet (Season 2).

Theme song (Season 2, in low-quality).

Robot Dance (Season 2, in low-quality, incomplete)

A weird montage (With Season 1 clips).

Don't Lie (Season 1, in low-quality).


Wubbzy in the Woods (Season 1).

Special Delivery (Season 1).

Natingrace's playlist (The 1st one is deleted, but the other ones aren't).

Quiet Wubbzy (Season 2, in low-quality)

Perfecto Party (Season 1)

Gotta Dance (Season 1).


The dub is now on Discovery+, meaning that the dub it's now almost completely found!