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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is a 2006 American animated series which was premiered in the US and UK on Nick Jr., in Latin America and Brazil on Discovery Kids and in Canada on Disney Junior.

However, there was a Arabic dub that aired on Baraem. 5 episodes were found in total.


Yasimin Yasir - Wubbzy (Farhan)

Yara Ala - Widget (Pink)

Mustafa Al-Baraa - Walden (Genius)

Lillian El-Sherbieny - Daizy (Di-Di)

Found Songs, Full Episodes, Shorts and Clips

Theme Song (Season 1 song, also used for Season 2).

Daisy's Hair Salon (Season 2 full episode).

Wubbzy Wiggle (Season 2 song).

Try your Luck (Season 2 short).

Meet the Wuzzles (Season 2 full episode).

Welcome to the Dollhouse (Season 2 full episode).

Mr. Unlucky (Season 2 clip).

Bye Bye Wuzzleburg (Season 2 clip).

Bye Bye Wuzzleburg (Season 2 clip 2).

Happy Hop (Season 2 song).

Theme Song