Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is an American children's educational Flash-animated television series created by Bob Boyle.


The series originally had a pilot episode based off the first episode "A Tale of Tails". The episode got recreated and aired in 2006 with different art styles and promotional artwork. This was the very first pilot of the show to be based of the first episode of the first episode of the final show. There is no other footage of the pilot found, all we have as of now is this footage from a promo. Before the pilot, Wubbzy's name was originally Wubby.


As heared in the 2005 promo, and then again in a promo featured on some Thomas & Friends DVDs, (yes, they really put Wow! Wow! Wubbzy promos on Thomas DVDs.) the theme song for the pilot had the same lyrics as the final version, with the exception of the line "And when they get together the fun never ends!" being replaced with "And when they are together the fun never ends!" in the final version, however, Wubbzy's voice sounds completely different and so do the vocals for the theme.

Listen to the theme here.


  • Widget's overalls are purple instead of pink.
  • The overall artstyle looked somewhat different.
  • The cover of Walden's book is different.
  • The theme song has different singing.
  • Wubbzy's voice sounds very different.

More Information

In The pilot, there was gonna be 26 episodes of the pilot. Unfortunately, there was only 1 episode to exist and it was never released to the public. In the beta version, everybody at the playground has tiny little tails, except for Wubbzy. They tease Wubbzy for having a long and bendy tail. In the final version, only Wubbzy is seen having a tail.


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