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As with Happy Monster Band, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast and Max & Ruby, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! was redubbed for the UK market. The British dub was taken off Nick Jr. UK around 2012 and Nick Jr. 2 in 2014 due to Viacom losing the rights. As of now, a good chunk of season 1 is available, but season 2 is mostly lost.

The series is available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, but they're all the US dub episodes. There was only 1 DVD release, called Wubb Idol. This is a British DVD which uses the US dub.


Unknown Date

Part of the British theme song can be found on an old Nick Jr 2 video, alongside a clip of the episode "Come Spy WIth Me" which uses said dub. And there is also "Home Is Where The Heart Is".

January 4, 2021

A user named lonelyfangs has recorded footage of the UK dub, the link lies.(Click here.)

May 4, 2021

New season 2 footage from a YouTube video named "Holly climbing then talking", the episode is Cupid's Little Helper but partial, the link is here, and its on Google Drive. This is the only footage of the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! season 2 UK dub, alongside "Home Is Where The Heart Is" (Note: this file is deleted from Google Drive)


Holly climbing then talking

October 20, 2021

More season 1 footage was found by Wubbable from a YouTube video named "Be Happy" where 2 kids sing the Be Happy song from the episode "Widget Gets the Blooey Blues".


Be Happy

Known Voice Actors

Main Characters

  • Wubbzy - Janet James
  • Widget - Julie-Ann Dean
  • Walden - Wayne Forester
  • Daizy - Lynn Cleckner

Background Characters

  • Crazy/Kooky Kid - Janet James
  • Buggy - Janet James
  • Huggy - Julie-Ann Dean
  • Muggy/Earl - Wayne Forester
  • Moo-Moo the Magician - Wayne Forester
  • Chef Fritz - Wayne Forester
  • Postman/Mailman - Wayne Forester
  • Madame Zabinga - Janet James
  • Old Lady Zamboni - Janet James
  • Jann Starl (Wuzzlewood News Reporter) - Jann Carl (Retained from the US dub)
  • Cupid - Wayne Forester

Wubb Girlz

  • Shine - Beyoncé (Retained from the US dub)
  • Sparkle - Grey DeLisle (Retained from the US dub)
  • Shimmer - Tara Strong (Retained from the US dub)



  • Widget calls Wubbzy "Little Wubbzy" instead of "Little Buddy".
  • Widget doesn't call Wubbzy "Wubbster" in this dub, with the exception of one short.
  • Chef Fritz has more of a French accent in this dub.
  • About all the songs (including the intro) are undubbed, with the exception of spoken lines by the characters.
    • In addition, Kooky Kid's spoken lines in the song "Kooky" are completely unchanged. Likewise, Walden remains undubbed in the song "Mr. Cool".
  • Seasons 1 and 2 use different recording for Wubbzy's lines each.
    • In the Season 1, Wubbzy says "Wow wow wow everyone", unlike the US intro and the Season 2 UK intro, and the last five instances of "Wow" being sung in the theme are silent. For the Season 2 UK intro, the same happened at the end, with the last instances of "Wow" being silent and with Wubbzy saying "Wow" at the end, but Wubbzy’s Wow” has sounded different from Season 1.
  • In the song "Treasure", Captain Sweet Tooth Tom and the bird are undubbed, but Wubbzy's "Arrgh" at the end of the song is.