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X - Man with The X Ray Eyes 1963 - Final scenes.-0

The released ending.

X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes is a 1963 horror film starring film veteran Ray Milland as Doctor James Xavier, a man whose experiments give him ever-escalating vision powers that finally begin to drive him completely mad.

In the released ending, novelty long gone, and seeing perhaps through the universe itself, a broken James Xavier stumbles into a revival tent, where he heeds the evangelist's advice to follow literally the Biblical invocation to pluck out an offending eye. Xavier blinds himself to end his torment.

Roger Corman, the producer/director of many a low-budget legend (though in some cases this is a charitable description), claims to have filmed and toyed with an ending wherein the self-blinded Xavier claims in agony "I can still see!", his torment continuing and his sacrifice pointless. To hear the tale, this either happened onscreen or when the scene first faded to the credits.

Notably the released ending ends abruptly with a shot of Xavier with his eyes plucked out so although the existence of the ending has not been conformed the existence of the ending is very believable. This footage has never turned up, but since this claim comes from the director himself, it can be seen as more likely than some, and since he never mentioned destroying it, its existence somewhere in some form may also be more likely.