Many films have had a lot of  YTPs made out of them, including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid tetralogy, however, there are two lost YTP's that used footage from all the first 3 DOAWK movies, one that's I forgot how it was called and the other named Greg Heffley Joins Jenny Craig.

Greg Heffley Joins Jenny Craig

Even though I can remember it's name, I don't remember a lot of the sources used for this one, tho I remember an scene where we see an edited version of Rowley's performance of TiK ToK,  with another song playing in the background

Sources: All the first three DOAWK movies and various Jenny Craig informercials

Title Unknown

While I forgot the title of this one, I can remember some scenes, and apparently it's plot was about Greg finding out his dad (Frank Heffley) was a manwhore, I clearly remember an scene where Greg and Rowley watch a Mr Bean episode and after Bean tries to remove one of his teeth, Rowley says to turn it off.

Sources: All first three DOAWK movies, a Mr. Bean episode, a song from a Scooby Doo movie (I think it's named Into the Beast), some clips of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and a movie that I dunno how it's called and it features the same actor as Greg's dad.

Nowadays both videos can't be found, it's possible the user deleted them, they got copyright-striked or the entire account was terminated, unless these videos got archived, they may be lost forever

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