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YTP TDM Visits Michael's Skrillex Obsessed Class is the title of a Michael Rosen YouTube Poop which is no longer on YouTube and can't be found anywhere else at the moment. The person who uploaded it was called Dead Wire.

PS I'm sorry that this page isn't that good I've never really made my own page on here, I've only edited other ones, and it's normally the ones about lost dubs, which this isn't about.

The video

(This is everything I could remember about the video.)

The plot in the YouTube Poop is similar to the original plot of No Breathing in Class, except Michael Rosen's teacher has 'Skrillexphobia' and she says music by Skrillex is not to be played in class. One of Michael's classmates Melanie brings a Skrillex CD into class and plays it (possibly on high voiume) leading her to go to School Prison. (I think it was after school) Michael comes to visit her and gives her melon to eat (playing off her name and displayed as a slice of Minecraft melon) then there is a part about DanTDM and I think there was some other thing but I can't remember and at the end it is the start of The Michael Rosen Rap but with the Street Fighter Dubstep remix as the backing track, then it fades out and ends.

There was also a disclaimer at the beginning of the video saying it was a parody.

Thumbnail used for the video. Sorry for bad quality, this is a printed out picture of the thumbnail. I printed it out because it was from the video and because the expression was funny.