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Yasha Toporkov (Russian: Яша Топорков) — is a Soviet adventure drama, directed by Evgeny Karelov on 1960. Released in Soviet cinemas May 10th, 1960.


«Yasha Toporkov is in love with the cheerful girl Marishka. He is young, happy and contented with life - recently Marishka became his bride. Yasha is also pleased with the work. At the construction site, everyone knows Toporkov: his team came out on top. And Yasha had long forgotten about that "left outfit", for which the foreman gave him additional money. Nevertheless, it is precisely because of this that an accident occurs at the construction site, the welder dies - and the foremen of Mirzoyan's site are removed from the leadership.»


Yuri Nikulin

Valentin Zubkov

Aleksey Kozhevnikov

Lidiya Smirnova

Valentina Vladimirova

Boris Kordunov

Petr Lyubeshkin

Stanislav Hitrov

Nina Mager

Petr Sobolevsky

Nikolai Smorchkov

Viktor Markin

Frunze Dovlatyan

Nikolai Novlyansky

Alexander Kuznecov

Nikolai Kryuchkov

Evgeny Kudryashev


Directed by — Evgeny Karelov

Script — Lev Kokin & Galina Kokina

Production Desingers — Mikhail Karyakin & Ivan Plastinkin

Music by — Moisey Weinberg

Camera — Era Savelyeva

Duration — 80 minutes

Studio — Mosfilm


After the last showing in Soviet cinemas, film was showing on Magnitogorsk TV on 1965. But never be released on physical media. On internet was founded theatrical posters of film, and all full information from different sites.



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