Yeah Yeah Beebiss I is a possible video game, a mention of which was first seen in a June 1989 listing for mail order video game service, Play It Again, in an issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment.[1] The game was found again in subsequent advertisements from Play It Again in July, August, and September.

In October a nearly identical advertisement was placed by another mail order video game service, Funco. These also had a listing for the game, shortened to Yeah Beebiss I. Though, despite the shortening, Yeah Beebiss I was still wrongly alphabetized between Wrestlemania and Xenophobe as it had been in Play It Again. Listings continued until January of 1990. Nothing further surfaced about Beebiss after this time.

It is not known if Yeah Yeah Beebiss I is a real game, or just a persistent, cryptic typo or placeholder.




  1. [1] Frank Cifaldi of Lost Levels explains what is known of Beebiss.
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