Yellow Submarine was a classic 1968 movie featuring The Beatles that was aimed at people ages ten and under who were fans of The Beatles TV show. The following year, there was an album released based off the movie featuring the four original songs, two already released songs, and a B-side full of orchestral music a typical Beatles fan wouldn't be interested in, but what if I told you that there was originally going to be an EP based off the movie with just original songs by The Beatles.

This is what the cover would've looked like. Note that it says mono on the top.


In 1968, Yellow Submarine was released and The Beatles wanted an album to go with it, so they decided to go with a mono EP consisting of "Only A Northern Song", "Hey Bulldog", "Across The Universe" (which wasn't in the movie), "All Together Now", and "It's All Too Much". However, the EP was scrapped and the album we know was released instead and was the only full length album with original tracks released in the UK during The Beatles lifetime that did not make it to #1 in the UK (A Collection Of Beatles Oldies and Magical Mystery Tour failed to reach this too, but ACOBO was a compilation album and MMT was a double EP until 1976) and also the only UK album to feature songs half Beatles songs and half orchestral songs by George Martin (though A Hard Day's Night and Help! had these orchestral tracks too, this was only in America. Also, George plays sitar on Sea Of Time, which technically means that The Beatles are on both sides).


All five of these songs can be found in their original state on Mono Masters.

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