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The Yo Gabba Demo is a test pilot for what later became Yo Gabba Gabba, This test pilot was likely to be made in 2000 according to Antonia Nunez on YouTube. The Test pilot was also later reworked using the same segments into a new pilot in 2006.


File:Yo Gabba Gabba pilot 2000.png

The characters looked like in the pilot except that brobee and foofa.

This test pilot was either been produced in 1999, and it was made for Christian Jacob's kids. This pilot was using two characters from The Aquabats, which are The Cyclopsis from The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death! and The Aquabats in Color!, Weedy the Broccoli Bee (who is named as Brobee in the test pilot), and one unknown robot character (It's probably an early version of Plex) in a green screen.


  • Toodee and Foofa are no where to be found in the test pilot, Foofa was rendered in 2004 when they first started to pitch the show. (This was probably made in 2000 instead of 2004). Toodee was probably also made in 2004/2005.
  • The two kids Oskar (Oscar) and Maxton (Max) originally wore normal clothing instead of YGG-ish clothes.
  • The costumes of Cyclopsis and Weedy the Broccoli Bee were re-used for unknown reasons.
  • The intro and outro sounded like the song, "Try It, You'll Like It!", which was also used for one main segment.
  • DJ Lance isn't here either, maybe Lance Robertson wasn't involved at the time.
  • The unknown robot character didn't look liked Plex at all, He was covered in silver metal, He has two speakers on both sides of his head, His hands were just normal hands instead of his blocky hands, and He has black pants on.
  • The Robot and Cyclopsis don't have names, only Weedy the Broccoli Bee does.
  • There were only one voice actor for the characters, Cyclopsis, The Robot, and Weedy the Broccoli Bee sounds completely the same, But Weedy the Broccoli Bee has a deeper voice, Cyclopsis sounded normal, and The unknown Robot sounds like his final version, Plex.
  • The text was not even being pixelated like in the final versions of it, and the numbers in Making your Bed as well.
  • The bed in Making your Bed looked like it was made using clay.
  • The Games With Foofa segment originally have Brobee as the host.
  • A different tree was used in the Play Pretend With Muno segment, and Cyclopsis was the host instead.
  • The backgrounds on the segments were purple, blue, and pink.
  • The only pictures that was moving live action was a orange that is peeling itself with a green grassy like background,
  • This was clearly done with a smaller budget, probably filmed in a garage with a green screen.


  • This is actually the first Yo Gabba Gabba pilot.