Yo gabba gabba the marching game

A YouTube video of the dub

Yo Gabba Gabba was a Nick Jr show in 2007. It had a host named DJ Lance Rock and his co-hosts were 5 characters. They had songs which taught kids things. sometimes the show combined animation and even included guest stars.

Like many other Nick Jr ProgrammesYo Gabba Gabba was dubbed for UK children. 

In either 2015 or 2017 Nick Jr. took the dub away. A YouTube user names Natasha Smith has recordings of the British version of YGG. 

A Yo Gabba Gabba UK promo was recently found, featuring DJ Lance's UK voice.

According to a TV Magazine From 2009 Channel 4 aired Yo Gabba Gabba. It is unknown if they aired the UK or US Dub


Yo Gabba Gabba

A Nick Jr promo featuring the dub

Charlie Brooker reviewed the dub on Episode 5 in Series 5 of his Screenwipe programme. 


  • Ortis Deley as DJ Lance
  • Bob Golding as Muno
  • Teresa Gallagher as Foofa
  • Justin Fletcher/Mr Tumble as Brobee and Plex
  • Jonell Elliot as Toodee
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