This used to be a Flash game that used to be played on the Nick Jr website, but now unavaiable on the wayback machine, and on sites with online games for kids. There is some footage on YouTube, but in low quality. There are six games.


Muno Has To Eat

The first one is Muno needs to eat foods that fall from the sky.

Matching Game

The second one is you have to match Toodee's head, body, and legs.

The Great Race

The third one is a race between Brobee, Muno, Toodee, Foofa, and Plex.

The Right Foods

The fourth one is making sure Brobee eats the fruits and vegetables and not the candies.

Tug of War

The fifth game is Tug Of War between Foofa and Toodee, you have to click multiple times to win.

Help Muno Clean

The last game is Muno cleaning up.


When you finish all games, you earn 6 cards.


There are some videos here

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